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How to get rid of alcoholism

Alcoholism - the trouble is not only drinking man, but also his relatives and friends. Boozer can be neither a good worker nor a householder. How can I get rid of the green serpent?

How to get rid of alcoholism

Instruction how to get rid of alcoholism

Step 1:

The most important condition for effective treatment - the desire of the patient. Convince a loved drinking man, he's really sick, that alcoholism has become a serious problem both for himself and for his whole family. Create a patient's motivation to sobriety.

Step 2:

Refer to the narcologist. Modern treatment methods allow to mitigate the effects of hangover, withdrawal from binge. However, it is important not to leave a person on the path of returning to a normal life, he must feel that he is dear to their loved ones, and it is, for whom and why to live.

Step 3:

It is very important for a person has inner circle. Drinkers among, for example, a work team or neighbors may become a serious obstacle to the fight against alcoholism. There are special rehabilitation centers in Russia, which are brought from all over the country who want to give up the alcohol forever. With their help, you can pull out a person from pernicious environment and help him throw detrimental to a healthy lifestyle. Persuade the person to seek treatment in a center, and you might save the life of his friend.

Step 4:

Use medications that causes aversion to alcohol, for example, "Biotredin", "Colm" and others. Apply them as possible and without the knowledge of the patient, adding the drops to food or drink. They gradually causes aversion to alcohol and block the pleasurable sensations from it.

Step 5:

Do not turn to grandparents, sorceress, psychics and other "experts" -sharlatanam who are cashing in on someone else's grief. No effect of "magic" action, most likely will not do, but you spend a lot of money, time and nerves. If you are a religious person, perhaps your grief will help you to prayer. Do not lose hope, because it is on your patience and hope human life depends.