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How to get rid of chronic yeast infection

Chronic yeast infection, which sometimes bothers to several times a month, hurts many women. Its causes are many, but will help to identify the exact gynecologist. If not undergo treatment, the possible occurrence of opportunistic diseases that can lead to infertility.

How to get rid of chronic yeast infection

You will need:

- Bay leaf; - Garlic; - bow; - Syringe; - A sterile bandage.

Instruction how to get rid of chronic yeast infection

Step 1:

Make an appointment with a gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe tests, the results of which will pick up and treatment. Sometimes a chronic yeast infection is a sign of erosion. If you reveal inflammation in the pelvic organs, it will appoint a course of anti-inflammatory and antifungal therapy. When erosion is carried out moxibustion, and then everything comes back to normal, yeast ceases to bother at all or very rarely seen.

Step 2:

Spend douching decoction of bay leaf. Per liter of water put about 10 leaflets. Capacity set on the stove on low heat and simmer about 30 minutes. Broth strain and cool to room temperature. Douche 2 times a day for 1-2 weeks. Usually this time is enough to get rid of yeast infection.

Step 3:

Crush a few cloves of garlic, put in a small pot and cover with cold water. Insist about 24 hours, strain. Preheat infusion in a water bath or add a little hot water. Douche the night garlic extract. This procedure will not only help get rid of yeast infection, but also to win the inflammatory process, of course, if there is one.

Step 4:

Grate the onion. Gruel wrap in a sterile bandage and make the likeness of the tampon. Enter it into the vagina at night and in the morning, remove the. Enter swabs of about 3-5 days. During the period of relapse thrush and do douching, adding 3 tablespoons of onion juice to a glass of water.

Step 5:

In combination with basic treatment can achieve good results. Home Match these ways to treat thrush with a gynecologist. It is possible that the doctor will recommend you to other recipes of alternative medicine.