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How to get rid of nasal congestion

When a stuffy nose, many self-diagnose - cold and begin treatment. But not always drop and hot drink can cope with the problem. Why?

How to get rid of nasal congestion

Cause nasal congestion may be several tens of reasons, not only the common cold or viral diseases. If the sinuses are blocked regularly, lost sense of smell and itching in the nose often - it is an occasion to refer to the Laura. And in any case it is impossible to self-medicate, as it is unknown, it can lead to consequences. The most common mistakes we make when not breathing nose and what they can cause:

vasoconstrictive drops

Before using any medication, you need to read the instructions and read the section about the side effects. The uncontrolled use of vasoconstrictive drops can lead to terrible irreversible consequences, up to atrophy of the mucous membranes! Drugs in this group, long-term use, addictive, and after expiry of the means vessels of the mucous membranes of the nose will automatically fill with blood, causing congestion and again. This leads to the fact that a person can no longer breathe without nose drops. In the following stages of uncontrolled use of vasoconstrictors is a violation of all blood vessels of the body, reduced vision, developing hypertension, ischemic heart diseases or brain, which leads to heart attacks and strokes.

Removal of the adenoids and tonsils

Adenoids - is enlarged pharyngeal tonsils and glands - is inflammation of the tonsils. They are organs of the body's immune system and take the first blow of viruses and microbes they they "know" and have them back. Indications for removal may not serve their frequent inflammation - it is a natural reaction to the penetration of harmful bodies. Get rid of the adenoids or tonsils is necessary when they are the cause short breath during sleep, when interfere to swallow, or when any cold leads to purulent diseases of the throat or nose. Deciding whether or not the operation can only medical specialist.

Rinsing the nasal cavity

This procedure is only effective during viral colds or when nasal cavity and flows clogged with mucus. But even in these cases can not be "carried away" in this simple way of cleansing the nose - the water, together with mucus, washes and beneficial bacteria that produces mucous membrane to fight the virus. In addition, frequent washing of face dryness and hypertrophy of the inner surface of the nasal sinuses. If the procedure is carried out as a preventive measure during an influenza epidemic, then it should be carried out on arrival home from crowded places. During treatment the nasal lavage can do no more than 4 times a day, for no longer than 5-7 days.