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How to get rid of tachycardia

Tachycardia, or heart attack power can be provoked by various diseases or simply state the body, and the degree of the feeling of attack for each person is individual and depends on the state of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

How to get rid of tachycardia

Instruction how to get rid of tachycardia

Step 1:

In order to get rid of the tachycardia, it is necessary to know whether it is caused by heart disease, or just the appearance of the heartbeat associated with psycho-emotional or physical stress.

Step 2:

Heart attack is usually felt as a severe shortage of air, and then later show signs of discomfort on the part of the heart. Therefore it is necessary to provide access to fresh, it is desirable to cool the air to the patient. You can open the window, the window, turn on the air conditioner or fan.

Step 3:

We must try to calm the patient. To do this, you must use anti-anxiety drugs based on medicinal plants - they act quickly and have minimal toxic effects on the body. It is best to use a tincture of motherwort, peony tincture ready to drop Corvalol, Korvaldin or Valocordin.

Step 4:

You can give the patient under the tongue or Validol Korvaltab tablets. The usual dose of the drug in the form of droplets must be slightly higher than during continuous use - 30-40 drops. Validol should be given 1 tablet every 30 minutes.

Step 5:

Valerian extract tablets are less effective for the treatment of sudden heart attack at the unstable reception, so it makes sense to take this medication only systematically. In order to get rid of the tachycardia, it is necessary to take 4-5 tablets.

Step 6:

If it is known that the patient has heart disease, should be taken for the relief of an attack of tachycardia the drug, which recommends a cardiologist.

Step 7:

You can try using reflexology techniques for the treatment of heart attack - use massage of the projection area of ​​the carotid artery in the neck with one hand, slowly drinking cold water in small sips.

Step 8:

If an attack of tachycardia does not go for 20-25 minutes, or the patient's condition worsens, you should immediately call the ambulance.