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How to get rid of temperature and cough

Diseases deliver a lot of trouble, worries and inconvenience. Even if they do not pull down serious plans enjoy them very little. And colds - is no exception. Therefore, we must learn to skillfully deal with a cough and fever.

How to get rid of temperature and cough

You will need:

- potatoes; - Daisy; - Calendula; - Sage; - Aroma oils (tea tree, orange, eucalyptus); - Acetaminophen; - Mustard; - Salt; - Honey; - Onion juice.

Instruction how to get rid of the temperature and cough

Step 1:

Do not act hastily. Temperatures up to 38,5⁰S suggests that the body successfully fights the virus got into it. Knocking her, man disrupts the normal functioning of the organism and undermining its protective function. The situation is different when the temperature rises above the specified norm - then we must act. As for the cough, it is better to focus on what not to contribute to its elimination and discharge of phlegm.

Step 2:

Note symptoms. The temperature may be accompanied by headache, weakness and chills. If that is the case, take medications containing paracetamol and observe bed rest, avoid excessive loads. If taking medication, remain active, the symptoms go away, but there will be soon a greater extent - such loads greatly weaken the immune system and give complications.

Step 3:

Make inhalation. The most common way - to breathe over boiled potatoes. But you can use herbal teas (chamomile, calendula, sage), and add a few drops of aroma oils (tea tree, eucalyptus, orange). Deep breathing steam, covered with a towel or a blanket, and after the procedure, wrapped in a blanket, so that heat is retained inside.

Step 4:

Drink plenty of fluids. The more warm drinks you consume, the more quickly the body clears the infection, and it will disappear and the temperature. You can drink clean water, but more effective to take a decoction of dried fruits, twigs of raspberry or wild rose.

Step 5:

Warms the nose, throat and bronchi. It is recommended to put mustard or hot skillet heat the salt, pour it into a cloth bag and put the body in the chest (on the heart, such heating can not be done) or nose.

Step 6:

Ventilate the room. cough often exacerbated by the lack of fresh cool air. Try to dress warmer, wrapped in a blanket and open window - the air is cool, but you'll be warm.

Step 7:

Prepare a cough remedy. Traditional medicine offers a variety of recipes. Here is one of them. Stir onion juice and honey in a ratio of 2: 1. Take this mixture in the morning and evening. If possible, cook it at a time (about a tablespoon).