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How to get rid of the pain associated with menstruation

Most women ever experienced severe pain during menstruation. Often the pain is quite tolerable and limited discomfort in the abdomen and lower back. But sometimes women are faced with unbearable monthly bouts of pain that makes it impossible for a normal life. Painful periods are called doctors' algomenoreya "and divided it into primary and secondary.

How to get rid of the pain associated with menstruation

Instruction how to get rid of the pain associated with menstruation

Step 1:

Primary algomenoreya common in young girls during the establishment of the menstrual cycle. The reason for its occurrence are rhythmic contractions of the uterus. These muscle contractions respond to painful cramps. Therefore, treatment should be exactly in the removal or weakening of spastic pain.

Step 2:

To reduce spasms of smooth muscle in just a few days before the beginning of menstruation, increase in your diet the amount of calcium-containing foods: milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese. Good help increase the iodine-containing products: sea fish, persimmon, feijoa, seaweed. Minimize the amount of content in the diet of coffee, strong tea, pepper, spicy and savory sauces. Often increased pain associated with smoking, so if you are suffering from painful menstruation, reduce the number of cigarettes smoked in those days.

Step 3:

Very good help to relieve spasms exercise. Of course, the impact and exercises for the press should be excluded, but a lot of stretching exercises, bending and rotation of the torso can alleviate your condition. Excellent help yoga and Pilates classes, because these systems provide for it to work on muscle tone. The most important thing - to get up and make myself move. When you lie down, the pain only increases.

Step 4:

A great tool for relaxing the pelvic muscles are compresses and baths. Contrast sitz baths take long before the beginning of the month and during the critical days of use instead compresses. These measures are also excellent prevention of congestive processes in the pelvic area, and contribute to the normal functioning of the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.

Step 5:

In addition, girls suffering from primary algomenoree, it is recommended to regularly take a decoction of medicinal herbs such as chamomile and mint.

Step 6:

Secondary algomenoreya appears in older women. Usually, the cause of her becoming a variety of inflammatory processes, such as endometriosis, pelvic neuritis or growth fibromatous nodes. If you suspect a secondary algomenoree you should consult your doctor immediately to be tested. Only after your gynecologist can prescribe the correct treatment. And do not delay this step, because painful periods in adulthood may be a symptom of serious illness.