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How to get rid of the temperature of the pregnant

From the well-being depends on the well-being of pregnant women the fetus. However, the few who can never get sick of all nine months of waiting. The first sign of many diseases is the temperature, and so as not to cause harm to the unborn child, it is important to bring it down in time.

How to get rid of the temperature of the pregnant

You will need:

- cranberry juice; - tea with honey; - raspberry jam; - Broth hips; - A damp cloth; - Acetaminophen.

Instruction how to get rid of the temperature of the pregnant

Step 1:

A disadvantage of medication during pregnancy is that all medications taken by women fall in the fetal blood. Some of them do not pose a threat to him, but others can cause serious problems. That is why taking the medicine should only be a last resort and only after consulting your doctor and read the instructions carefully.

Step 2:

Try to bring down the temperature of non-drug means. This is particularly important in the first and the last trimester of pregnancy. Drink cranberry juice, tea with honey or raspberry jam, broth hips and other vitamin drinks. It is better to use them in the form of heat. After drinking tea necessarily lie in bed and how to Bundle up. Increased sweating - a good sign.

Step 3:

Wipe off with cool water. Apply to the forehead damp cloth. If there is a fever, try not to be warmed over. Overheating at elevated temperatures only worsen your condition.

Step 4:

If, despite the measures taken, the temperature rose above 38 degrees, do not risk your health and the health of the child. Take a tablet of paracetamol. Subject dosage adverse effects should not be.

Step 5:

If the cause of the temperature is a bacterial infection is unlikely to significantly improve his condition without antibiotics. Call the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and choose the right drug. With adequate treatment, the temperature will drop quickly.

Step 6:

Temperature between 37,3 ° C if it is not accompanied by health deterioration is normal during pregnancy. The reason lies in hormonal changes the body and the active development of the progesterone necessary for gestation. This condition does not require treatment, but it should be safe and report the temperature rises to the attending physician.