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How to get rid of the water ear

Probably each of us once in my life fell into the ear of the water that has been extracted is not so easy to out of it. That is traversed sufferer to walk a couple of days, until the water is completely evaporated. Meanwhile, the water gets into the ear - a direct path to otitis and other ENT diseases.

How to get rid of the water ear

Instruction how to get rid of water in the ear

Step 1:

Most often, this problem affects children, because they have the ear canal is short and wide, allowing easy pouring water. However, adults are faced with this unpleasant situation, especially in the summer, when with pleasure bathe in open reservoirs.

Step 2:

If water gets into the ear, the ear pat dry with a towel, and then take a deep breath and then hold down the nostrils. Then, try without opening his mouth, take a deep breath. The air in this case will go partly through the ears and eject the water which fell there.

Step 3:

Another way - to create pressure in the ear. To do this, slapped his hand on the ear, tilting her head slightly to the strontium affected ear, and then to force it to tear. This creates a pumping effect by which the water is pushed out of the ear canal.

Step 4:

You can just jump on one foot - right, if the water got into the right ear and vice versa. Try also lie on your side and a little lie down, maybe the water will flow out of the ear itself.

Step 5:

If these measures do not help, tilt the head to the ear in which the water was at the top and drip a few drops of slightly warmed-boric alcohol. If he was not at hand, it should be fine vodka, or any alcohol-containing lotion. In this position, the head must hold for 30-40 seconds. Water together with the alcohol evaporates faster, so this method is quite effective. If the first time does not work, you can repeat the procedure.

Step 6:

If you have at hand was not alcohol, try to fill in the ear even water, for example using a pipette, a syringe, or simply because of the palm. Tilt your head to the top of the ear was so and sit for 1-2 minutes. Water will push the airlock, because of which most often arises the problem, and easily flow out.

Step 7:

If the water does not come out for a long time, and you feel an unpleasant sensation in the ear, try to lie on a warm heating pad or a bag of heated salt. Possibly water mixed with a sulfur, which increased due to this volume. With heat the water to evaporate faster and the problem will be solved. If there was pain in the ear, consult your doctor to avoid the negative consequences of the future.