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How to get rid of vaginismus

Vaginismus - is involuntary and spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the perineum and the circular muscles of the vagina, painful and uncontrolled, which can occur when you try to instrument input on the gynecological examination or penis. It sometimes happens that a woman can not enter the vagina, even a finger or swab. In severe cases of vaginismus a woman experiences a strong muscle spasm and pain at the thought of intercourse.

How to get rid of vaginismus

Instruction how to get rid of vaginismus

Step 1:

To diagnose the disease can medical specialist, based on the results of gynecological examination and the patient's history of illness. When determining the cause, the doctor clarifies many details that relate not only to childhood and education, but also the last sexual experience, attitudes to sex. For a complete picture of the nature and may require a description of pain during sexual intercourse.

Step 2:

vaginismus Treatment should take place in a complex. For this purpose, psychotherapeutic sessions, which solve the underlying conflicts and form a positive attitude in the patient for sex. Of great importance in the successful treatment of vaginismus is the complicity and support of the partner. It is with him a woman should do the exercises and learn to enjoy sex, and not fear.

Step 3:

The doctor should explain to both partners the whole nature of involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles, and in the course of inspection of the genital organs of women demonstrates the process in the presence of a partner. Inspection should be prepared so that the woman could watch herself in the mirror for a while. The doctor will tell some of the techniques that will help to relax the muscles of the vagina.

Step 4:

The first thing you need to learn to control genital muscles. First potuzhtes, then relax and retract a vaginal muscles. This exercise will improve the sensitivity and blood flow to the genitals.

Step 5:

During the next exercise a woman should enter a finger in the vagina and make it a variety of movement, rotate, bend and move it from side to side. But in many cases very difficult for women to do this exercise, as fears cause yourself pain and a new spasm. If you can safely carry out this exercise, the success of certain guaranteed.

Step 6:

Try to enter the penis in a pose rider. A woman should feel and can easily take the posture in which the penis does not rest against the wall, and the introduction will take place on the axis of the vagina. This exercise should be prodelyvat only after sexual fondling and repeated previous workouts.