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How to look perfect

The first thing you pay attention to the men, meeting a strange woman - her appearance. They do not leave without attention the the female that look great and indifferent miss those sloppy and disheveled. The dream of many women - always look perfect: at work, at home, on vacation, in the company of friends. To do this, you need to train yourself to a certain order to maintain their beauty and attractiveness.

How to look perfect

Instruction how to look perfect

Step 1:

Keep the your body. The body produces special substances - pheromones - which give the body a special attractive aroma. To always smell good, you need to observe good personal hygiene, to take a shower twice a day. Do not overuse perfume or toilet water, it is a sign of bad taste. a small amount of perfume on the pulse zone to be applied to "breathe" all day.

Step 2:

Wash your hair as their pollution. Clean hair - it is half the hair. Your image will never be perfect, if you have greasy hair tied in a ponytail. Learn basic methods for several pilings fast, if you do not have time in the morning to do my hair. Beauty and well-groomed hair is largely affected by your appeal. Over the weekend, be sure to take the time to make a nutritional or restoring mask, so the hair will be healthy, strong and shiny.

Step 3:

Take care of your skin. The skin, like hair, in need of constant and regular maintenance. Facial carried out according to the following plan: cleansing - toning - nutrition and hydration. Several times a week, apply to the face mask vitamin, biweekly clean dead skin cells and impurities deep scrub. Use cosmetics to care for your skin type.

Step 4:

Keep your body in good shape. This is especially true of women who work all day sitting. To preserve youth and health, you need every day to give your muscles the load. If you are not interested in sports training, you can go dancing, shaping, swimming, or simply walk more. Physical activity favorably affect the condition of the female figure.

Step 5:

Follow the figure. Symmetry is preserved for years to come only on condition that the woman wants. The extra kilos are very easy to type an incorrect and irregular meals, and return to the waist can be very difficult. Therefore, follow the diet and eat healthy food.

Step 6:

Get enough sleep. Appearance is often dependent on the workload of women. If you have virtually no time to sleep, then you need to adjust and re-plan your workflow. To look good, healthy woman should sleep at least 8 hours a day. Then the person will not look tired. For added shine and freshness of the skin is useful in the morning wipe the ice cubes.

Step 7:

Do not forget about the intimate life. Scientists have proved that a woman living an active and regular sex life, looks and feels much better than that for some reason does not have sexual relations. Having sex with a beloved man is not only pleasant, but also very useful for the exterior.

Step 8:

Do not forget about makeup. At any plans for the day, your face should be glowing. To ensure that a natural day makeup, use a light tone cream texture, transparent, matte powder, natural shades shadows, lengthening mascara, peach blush and lip gloss. Evening make-up may be more saturated and vibrant hues.