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How to make brushing teeth

Brushing teeth - one of the most important skills that parents need to instill in their children during the first years of life. It depends on the proper care of oral health. Growing children certainly will thank you for your brilliant smile, if you every day will persevere and to teach them to look after their teeth.

How to make brushing teeth

You will need:

- Toothbrush; - Toothpaste; - hourglass; - Toys.

Instruction how to make brushing teeth

Step 1:

Buy beautiful brush as a toy and not less interesting and vivid toothpaste with a pleasant taste. Try to change them more often, not only for hygienic reasons, but also for the increasing interest in cleaning the teeth.

Step 2:

Dedicate question brushing teeth several game events. For example, writing a story about the victory over the "carious monsters", buy a book on the subject, beating ritual of brushing your teeth with the help of puppets. Creative imagination, trying to arouse a child's interest in the subject.

Step 3:

Brush baby teeth yourself until you are sure that it is fully up to the task alone. Teach his scheme brushing. While cleaning, you can say the poem, so that the process seemed less monotonous. For example, a "clean teeth bunnies, squirrels clean teeth," rhyming all kinds of animals and mention the name of the child.

Step 4:

Set a personal example. If the child is small, brush your teeth together, playing a game of "who is longer." Show how to use dental floss as a pure language, how to use mouthwash.

Step 5:

If the child is big enough, but still does not want to brush your teeth, tell him about the consequences of such behavior and show the appropriate pictures. On the Internet you will find many photos of dental patients. In addition, tell us about the most toothache, which is the same result of improper care. We should not choose too frightening image, so as not to injure the psyche of the child.