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How to make up for the lack of calcium in the body

Calcium deficiency negatively affects not only the appearance but also the health of the internal organs and skeletal system. Improper nutrition in the body is not fed the right amount of calcium, which leads to serious problems. Compensate for the lack of it in several ways.

How to make up for the lack of calcium in the body

Instruction how to fill in the body of calcium deficiency

Step 1:

Consult a physician and consult with a specialist about the reception of calcium preparations. They are prescribed for explicit calcium deficiency, as you may experience various kinds of complications up to the formation of kidney stones. Take the medication according to doctor's instructions, or focusing on the abstract, which is attached to all medical facilities. Do not increase the dose, so you will not be able to accelerate the process of replenishment of calcium in the body.

Step 2:

Eat more dairy products. Well make up the lack of calcium: cheese, milk, sour cream, yogurt and similar products. Eat them every day in unlimited quantities. If you are ill carry dairy products, calcium, most likely, will not be absorbed, for this reason, it is not necessary to test the willpower and force yourself to eat what you do not like. Solve the problem and help animal products: eggs, meat, fish. Include them in the menu.

Step 3:

Take the shell from chicken eggs. Clean it with the film, grind in a coffee grinder and lightly fry in a pan. Eat a tablespoon three times a day after meal after 15-30 minutes. Young children can also be given calcium in this form, but cut the dosage three times. If a child refuses to eat crushed shell, then gradually add it to the main food. If you grind the shells to a fine powder, baby do not even feel it.

Step 4:

Gradually, you will notice the result: the nails and the hair will grow faster, improve the appearance of a few. But replenishing calcium using natural products that will not happen quickly, so please be patient. If you are taking calcium-containing preparations, the improvement will come in about 1-2 weeks.