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How to massage from hernia

A hernia is a fairly common disease, which occurs when the output of the organ in the abdomen just below the skin through the opening or weakness in the abdominal wall. This body is often the intestines, or rather part of it. In addition, the hernia may occur at any age. There are different ways to treat it, which include massage.

How to massage from hernia

Instruction on how to massage the hernia

Step 1:

Spread hernia camphor oil, and then attach the top pine resin (pre-melt it over low heat and pour at least make her a cake). Then secure it with tape. In newborns with umbilical hernia rub in place of its exit camphor oil. Massage in a circular motion, carried out repeated for several consecutive days. A massage at the day must be carried out within 3-5 minutes, gently and carefully.

Step 2:

For the treatment of umbilical hernia, take a ball of wool yarn. Then lay a blanket on the floor and lie on your stomach, placing a ball in the area of ​​the navel. You will have pain. At the same time you can feel the navel "jumping". The pain will stop, when the navel "will rise" in its place. It can determine the following: Tap your finger in the umbilical fossa, and if it does not sink deep into his stomach, then your navel "vpravlen".

Step 3:

When abdominal hernia well help massage combined with exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the abdominal wall. massage techniques include in this case, stroking, kneading with subsequent grinding and postukivaniem.Uprazhneniya too simple. Commit sagging chest and lift the pelvis in the supine position. Then do the exercises supplement breathing exercises. At the same time breathe in deeply, and then his stomach - a jerky breath, preferably without or with minimal involvement of the abdominal muscles themselves. This exercises follow, necessarily holding the hand area of ​​the hernia, or secure it with a bandage or wearing a bandage.

Step 4:

During the massage intervertebral hernia to treat it you need essential fir oil. Dilute this oil, according to the instructions attached to it. It shows you how to use this oil for massage. The net can not be used, because it can occur on the skin irritation. It needs to be added to the massage cream in the required proportion. Breeding oil rub her back there, where the sick vertebrae. Do this carefully, slightly nazhimaya.Zatem take 1 gram of mummy and dissolve it in a teaspoon of warm water. This amount mummy mix with 100 g of honey. The resulting mixture was put on the sore spot, and then again a massage, but now light patting movements. At the same time do not be alarmed: the skin on the back will stick to the palms. It may even be painful, but it must be done, because honey can pull all the toxins and remove a hernia. When honey is almost absorbed, blot the skin tissue and apply it finalgon (drug). Rub the affected area immediately and maximum heat wrap your back. Treated in this way from 2 weeks to one month.