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How to massage the neck area

Massage neck area is very useful, it relieves pain, normalizes blood pressure, inhibit muscle tension and gives a feeling of extraordinary lightness. It involves directly the neck and shoulder girdle massage zone is carried out by stretching and contraction of muscles. The main purpose of this massage - to remove clips of muscles in these areas and improve circulation and blood flow to the head.

How to massage the neck area

Instruction how to massage neck area

Step 1:

Insufficient blood supply to these parts of the body leads to swelling and becoming a major cause of headaches, forearm pain, migraine, hypertension. Especially this disease affects people of sedentary occupations -.. Drivers, office workers, etc. Improper posture and permanent non-removable voltage promotes the appearance of congestion and tension of muscles in this area. Massage is shown to people suffering from osteochondrosis, scoliosis and experiencing problems with pressure. Massage can be done both at the professional and at home usloviyah.Massazh neck area start with soft stroking movements from the neck to the shoulder girdle. Gently massage the side and back of the neck. Then, with light pressure stroke the body in the shoulder girdle and neck to the shoulder joints. Repeat strokes about 6 times.

Step 2:

Thoroughly rub the surface of the cervical spine with his fingertips. Movement forth with light pressure, should form a kind of spiral. On each side move spiraling motion for 10 seconds.

Step 3:

Mash girdle on each side. The skin on the neck grab, to form a fold, pull it and knead movements "risuyuschimi" Eight gradually, slowly, moving to the shoulders. Repeat these kneading a few times for the right and left sides.

Step 4:

Hold the back of the head with one hand while the other do the stretching of the shoulder muscles. Press gently and spend your thumb from the neck to the shoulder girdle region. At the end of the movement hold your hand for 5 seconds. Repeat the stretching of the muscles of the area about 5 times and complete the procedure of massage stroking movements.

Step 5:

During the massage the unpleasant sensation of pain can occur in the neck area, this is normal and is not an indication to the abandonment of massage treatments. The described techniques can easily be applied at home, but if you're running a case of osteochondrosis and scoliosis is probably better to see a professional massage therapist.