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How to measure blood pressure

Measurement of blood pressure a person with the appropriate equipment seems easy process. However, the apparent simplicity of some hidden subtleties, the ignorance of which may cause obtaining inaccurate data.

How to measure blood pressure

You will need:

- tonometer; - A stool or chair in which you will feel comfortable.

Instruction how to measure blood pressure

Step 1:

To start, you need to prepare a tonometer. These devices are mechanical and electrical. For home use is better to give preference to the second type. Since it is much easier to handle. You do not need any special knowledge and skills. Smart device will measure the pressure itself. Place the cuff on the arm, in the place specified by the manufacturer of your model tonometer. At the same limb should be fixed and, preferably, bare.

Step 2:

Take a comfortable position. Normally, the blood pressure measurement is sitting. You must be completely relaxed, calm. Take, for example, on a chair, be sure to back, on which you can rely on. Failure to do so results may prove to be incorrect.

Step 3:

Put your hand on a table or other surface so that the middle point of the shoulder located at the heart level. During blood pressure measurement should not cross your legs, talk, or make sudden movements.

Step 4:

Evaluate the result. If it is in your mind of doubt, perform a second procedure, but no sooner than 3 minutes after the first blood pressure measurement. During this short pause, loosen the collar device. Note that the difference in pressure on the right and the left hand can be substantial. Measurement on a limb with higher rates.