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How to measure the pressure at the ankle

Measuring blood pressure at the ankle is used to assess the patency of the arteries of the lower extremities. Normally such a pressure slightly higher than that measured on the arm. The central arteries narrowing pressure on the foot below the ankle, shoulder than 30-50%. The measurement is carried out only oscillometric (e) tonometer or a special ultrasound device.

How to measure the pressure at the ankle

You will need:

Digital blood pressure monitor with a cuff 7-7.5 cm wide

Instruction how to measure the pressure at the ankle

Step 1:

Research carried out in the supine position. Legs straight, at the same level with the heart. You can not keep your feet or hands on weight. The patient should be relaxed, you need 5-10 minutes to adapt it to the measurement conditions. For 1.5-2 hours before measuring the pressure can not eat, smoke, drink alcohol, tonic beverages, drugs related to sympathomimetics (including eye drops). The physical load before the test, it is desirable to eliminate. If this is not possible, then the load must be at least 30 minutes. Breathing should be relaxed, too deep breathing distort the results.

Step 2:

Put on the cuff of the electronic sphygmomanometer in the ankle at 2-3 cm above the dorsum of the foot. Secure the cuff so that the toe passing freely between it and the skin. Air pipes should be above the artery, which is cross-checked.

Step 3:

Feel for a pulse downwards and backwards from the bone on the inner side of the ankle. Here is the posterior tibial artery.

Step 4:

After turning on the unit inflate pnevmomanzhetu (if it is not done automatically), as long as the pulse of the specified point is no longer palpable, plus another 20 mm Hg. Too much compression can cause pain in the foot.

Step 5:

Discharge the air at about 2 mm Hg per second. the results appear on the screen tonometer. The first number - the systolic pressure and the second - diastolic. Performing measurement automatic or semi-automatic tonometer can be guided by the sound signals and prompts on the screen.

Step 6:

Measurements are performed 2-3 times. As a result of the arithmetic average count indicators all measurements.

Step 7:

Repeat the test on the second leg.