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How to measure the temperature at ovulation

Determination of the time of ovulation is critical for choosing the best time for fertilization and the possibility of conception and for the physiological method of contraception.

How to measure the temperature at ovulation

Instruction how to measure the temperature at ovulation

Step 1:

The egg is viable only for 24 hours after leaving the ovary into the abdominal cavity, and during this time for normal conception she should get for this time in the fallopian tube, where it is supposed to meet with the sperm. In all other cases, the fertilization and conception does not occur, or, in case of violation of the Fallopian tubes, may develop an ectopic pregnancy.

Step 2:

Temperature ovulation (basal temperature) is determined by daily measurement of body temperature in the rectum. This method can be applied only in the absence of common inflammatory diseases of the body or of chronic inflammation in the pelvic organs.

Step 3:

The temperature measurement should be carried out only by the same thermometer, mercury better. To accurately obtain the results necessary to carry out the study for at least three months from the mandatory registration of temperature on a chart or paper.

Step 4:

Accurate results can be obtained only by measuring the temperature in the morning, preferably at the same time, no more than 10 minutes with a permissible time difference. The temperature should be measured, not getting out of bed, before making a toilet sex organs and the use of various drugs. If the temperature is measured at least one day is missed, the results throughout the menstrual cycle is considered invalid, and all measurements should be repeated for the next month.

Step 5:

Measurement start within 5 days of the menstrual cycle, regardless of whether the monthly menstruation has ended or not. Prior to ovulation, the temperature is kept at a level below 37 ° C, with possible minor variations in performance. Immediately after ovulation, the temperature rise occurs under the influence of hormonal spike, and before the start of the next menstruation the temperature is below this index is not reduced. On this and based measurement of basal body temperature - the guaranteed time of ovulation.