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How to prick glucose

Glucose - the power source for the body, which increases the energy level. glucose usually prescribed for lowering blood sugar in infectious diseases, in violation of the kidneys and many other abnormalities in the body. But before you start treatment with glucose, consult with a specialist, and hand over the common blood and urine tests. When will be made by the appropriate destination, proceed to the introduction of the drug.

How to prick glucose

Instruction how to prick glucose

Step 1:

Intravenous glucose solution (drip) must be administered at a rate of 7 ml per minute. Do not put more pressure from the dropper, you should do no more than 400 ml per hour. The maximum rate of 5% glucose per day should not exceed 2 liters for adults If the solution has a concentration of 10%, the rate of administration should be 3 ml per minute, and the maximum daily dose of 1 liter. Glucose 20% is introduced very slowly, about 1.5-2 ml per minute, the daily dose is 500 ml. In any case, self-administered intravenous drip you can not, therefore, go to the procedure in the hospital.

Step 2:

Glucose 40% mix with 1% ascorbic acid and administered intravenously. The number of injections and the daily dose should choose a specialist.

Step 3:

Subcutaneous injections can be administered alone. For this buy syringes and isotonic. Fractional enter into different places of 300-500 ml per day. Only use hypodermic syringes, conventional intramuscular needle are too thick and deform the skin to a greater extent.

Step 4:

If you are far from medicine and can not put yourself injections, you take glucose tablets. Drink them for 30-40 minutes before a meal at 0.5-1 g per reception three times a day. Do not increase your dose without consulting your doctor, it can be harmful to health.

Step 5:

Put an enema, if all other methods for some reason you do not fit. Enter into the anus to 2 liters of solution per day (isotonic).