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How to pull out a splinter

Splinter able to cause inconvenience to any person. Never mind that it has been exposed to the skin: thorns from roses, wood chips, metal dust or other object, still the pain will accompany up until the foreign body is not removed. To learn how to remove the splinter with little or no pain, not everyone knows. And some people even leave a foreign object under the skin. But we should remember that it can cause consequences.

How to pull out a splinter

You will need:

- alcohol or other disinfectant drug; - Soap and water; - A needle or pin; - Iodine; - Tweezers; - Soda; - Plaster.

Instruction how to get a splinter

Step 1:

If time does not get a splinter, it will start an inflammatory process. Most often misses the splinter fingertips, and therefore on the distance inflammation around splinters. In some cases, inflammation can affect the whole hand, and then, to save her, have to do the operation.

Step 2:

The first thing you need to wash your hands well with soap and water, so that the dirt has not got to the damaged area. Then it is necessary to disinfect the needle or pin to her left microbes. This can be done by boiling the needle, or by treating it with alcohol. In an extreme case it is possible to hold the needle over a fire that ignited on. But after that will have to wipe the needle with cotton pad, went to black.

Step 3:

If the place is about a splinter still not very swollen, it is necessary to take the needle and put it on the side of splinters. Do not be too deep, expanding wound. Try to stick a needle tip in a foreign body and slowly begin to withdraw it from the skin.

Step 4:

If this method did not work to pull it, then try to expose the protruding edge splinters from the skin. Now forceps carefully grab the free edge and begin to pull out a splinter wound slowly along. Do not be too hard to pull it in any case do not pull out at an angle with respect to the wound. Splinter can be broken down and then pull out the remains will be much harder.

Step 5:

If the skin is already swelled up, then pull out the thorn will be heavier. To the tumor slept, you need a few hours to make a vodka compress or soda bath. When the swelling subsides, remove the splinter in the manner specified above.

Step 6:

After you remove the thorn, around the damaged area to be treated with iodine or brilliant green. Do not smear the wound itself, since these drugs can burn damaged tissue. After that, cover the wound with plaster.