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How to quickly get back on his feet

Rare disease goes unnoticed for a few days. Most often, weakness, lethargy, fatigue, and similar unpleasant phenomena disturbed for several days or even weeks after recovery. However, there are ways to recover and get back on his feet in a short time.

How to quickly get back on his feet

You will need:

- antibiotics; - Probiotics; - Vitamins; - Immunomodulators.

Instruction how to quickly get back on his feet

Step 1:

Each case is different, and therefore there is no universal method that works 100%. Of course, quickly back on its feet after a slight cold much easier than after a major surgery. Still, speed recovery is often possible and even necessary.

Step 2:

The easiest way to recover from a respiratory viral infection. In the period of the disease requires bed rest, even if the state of health allows you to walk to work. Warm drinking plenty of fluids, such as tea with honey, herbal teas or mineral water without gas will speed up the elimination of toxins from the body. Healthy eating, walking outdoors, in the absence of high temperature, good night and sleep during the day will also help you get back on his feet in a few days.

Step 3:

Bacterial infection is able to permanently put you to bed, and so begin to deal with it should immediately after diagnosis. A well-chosen drugs and comply with all recommendations of the doctor - is the key to a quick recovery. Do without antibiotics in this case most likely will not work, so you should immediately take steps to the side effects of the treatment were the least noticeable. Simultaneously with antibacterial drugs, take probiotics, such as "Linex", "Bifiform", "Hilak forte" and the like.

Step 4:

Quickly get on their feet is not only after a cold, but after the operation. In this case, the success of treatment depends not only on the skill of the surgeon, but also on how quickly recovery will take place. One of the most common mistakes is the desire to rest in bed a little longer, but only a lack of movement slows down recovery. In the first days after surgery, when the pain is still strong, perform breathing exercises. In the next two days, try to change the position of the body on their own. At the same time, you can try to get up and walk, of course, if the operation was not too serious and the doctor sees no contraindications to it.

Step 5:

After a serious illness is not superfluous to support the body with vitamins. Sometimes not do without immunomodulators. In any case, any medication must appoint a physician.