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How to quickly reduce the temperature

Many diseases are accompanied by fever. Contrary to popular belief it is not always necessary to reduce, since fever - a sign that the body began to take urgent response, produce antibodies against infection. But if the temperature is above 38 degrees, especially if the patient's condition worsens, it is necessary to reduce as much as possible and faster.

How to quickly reduce the temperature

Instruction how to quickly lower the temperature

Step 1:

There is a wide range of antipyretic drugs, starting with the well-known and had once a very popular aspirin. But it can be used only if the sick person has no problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Young children also give it is generally not recommended. It is better to use paracetamol. The effect will be achieved when used in powder form.

Step 2:

Some doctors recommend at a high temperature to take a pill and a pill analgin diphenhydramine, or to inject a mixture of: ampoule ampule dipyrone + diphenhydramine.

Step 3:

If we are talking about a child who is not yet able to swallow pills or take the powders can enter into his rectum candle antipyretic (prescribed by a doctor).

Step 4:

In the event that in the home medicine cabinet there was no drug or for some reason want to do without them, you can use a number of proven traditional methods. First of all, quickly and effectively knocks the temperature plentiful warm drink with added vitamin C. Give ill a great cup of tea with raspberry jam and a slice of lemon, and then nestle warm blanket. Your task - to ensure that it propotel.

Step 5:

Repeat this treatment several times a day. At the same time very useful to give the patient citrus fruits - oranges, grapefruit, because they not only contain vitamin C, but also have anti-inflammatory effects.

Step 6:

Good help and body rubbing with a cloth dampened with cool water. Even better if wiping is performed with a mixture of water-alcohol or water-vinegar. The therapeutic effect is based on the ability of the liquid to evaporate, thus taking away the heat. Important Note: here it is impossible to cover in any patient with a blanket or warm, or even a thin, as this will prevent evaporation, and the therapeutic effect is not.

Step 7:

If the body temperature is kept stubbornly near the mark of 40 degrees (or higher), play it safe and do not tempt fate. Call an ambulance and do not refuse admission if it offers.