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How to quickly stop the bleeding

The causes of nasal bleeding may be mechanical violation of the integrity of vessel walls in nasal cavity or disruption of the blood coagulation system. Hemophilia, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, chronic diseases of the nasal cavity, kidney pressure, sunstroke, exercise also contribute to nosebleeds.

How to quickly stop the bleeding

You will need:

- cotton-gauze, 3% hydrogen peroxide solution; - 5-10% of calcium chloride, "Vikasol".

Instruction how to quickly stop the bleeding

Step 1:

Nosebleeds can be of varying intensity and duration - the blood can slowly bleed, and can pour jet. The sudden bleeding require mandatory consultation of the expert, as indicates a serious problem. Required medical examination of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx and research work of blood coagulation, blood - coagulation.

Step 2:

It is important to provide first aid for bleeding. The first thing to do - is to reassure the victim, because the pressure during stress rises and there is a rapid heartbeat that increases the blood loss.

Step 3:

Undo the collar and opened the window, force the patient to breathe deeply. This will increase blood circulation and increase blood clotting.

Step 4:

Give the patient upright and tilt the head slightly forward. Blood must flow freely from his nostrils. Tilts her head back is impossible, as blood does not stop, and the streaks in the nasopharynx, can lead to undesirable choking, coughing, or vomiting, which will only exacerbate bleeding.

Step 5:

On the nose, apply a piece of ice in polyethylene or a piece of cloth soaked in cold water. Feet put in a basin of warm water. This will contribute to a decrease in blood circulation in the area of ​​the nose and the cessation of bleeding.

Step 6:

For the formation of a blood clot in the nose, you can press the wing of the nose to the bulkhead on the side of bleeding for 5 minutes. If this measure does not work, in the nasal passage to put gauze or a cotton swab with a length of 2.5-3 cm and a thickness of 0.5 cm, soaked in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.

Step 7:

In very severe bleeding can drink 1-2 teaspoons of 5-10% solution of calcium chloride or 2 tablets "menadione". If they are not available at hand, it is possible to drink 30 ml of salt water - 1/3 teaspoon dissolved in 100 ml of water.