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How to recover after a heart attack

During a heart attack occurs irreversible damage of the heart. This is due to insufficient blood supply. Attack occurs when cardiac oxygen demand does not meet its production capability. A person can live for a long time and did not guess that his plaque in the arteries, and can simply form a clot that prevents the flow of blood to the heart, causing a heart attack after a sudden stress to the body.

How to recover after a heart attack

Instruction how to recover after a heart attack

Step 1:

Since myocardial life does not end. There is always the opportunity to once again become a normal person and to return to his former life. Follow your doctor's recommendations, which is aware of the presence of certain complications and about the volume of a heart attack. Ask your doctor what is expected in the future. Obey the medication, even if you do not hurt anything.

Step 2:

It is necessary to help the heart to compensate for the lack of dead cells. Do not try to return to the previous exercise, but do not be afraid of physical exertion. Travel, sports, sex - good friends to restore man. Walk on football, ride on a fishing trip, because you will be given a second chance to enjoy life.

Step 3:

Do exercises that the program must calculate still in the clinic. Do not try to throw light exercise classes, practice daily for 20-40 minutes. Physical activity not only helps the body to recover, but also can overcome depression and fear of death. Loads relieve tension and give some optimism.

Step 4:

Follow antiatherosclerotic diet, which must appoint a physician. It is extremely important for a person who has had a myocardial infarction. Do not consume too many calories. We must remember that a heart attack develops from atherosclerosis, which appeared due to the large amount of cholesterol and animal fat. Because food is necessary to eliminate animal fat, reduce the consumption of sausages, sausages and dumplings to a minimum, and it is better not to eat them at all. Do not eat bacon, smoked any fatty foods. Avoid dairy products, because Milk fat is also dangerous. From poultry turkey is best.

Step 5:

Giving up smoking - a mandatory condition for recovery. If a person continues to smoke, the disease begins to progress again. Refusal of cigarettes - an extremely effective means to combat heart attack.