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How to recover from alcohol

After alcohol abuse our body is experiencing increased sweating morning, his head appears a nagging pain, tormented by dryness of the mouth and constant thirst, and sometimes even pain in the heart. Of course, the best advice in this situation: do not drink alcohol, but there are less severe ways to help survive the recovery of the body.

How to recover from alcohol

You will need:

- activated carbon - baking soda

Instruction how to recover from alcohol

Step 1:

Spend a cleansing from within the organism. For this rinse stomach with activated charcoal. Dissolve 25 grams per 100 grams of water, stir well and drink slowly in small sips. Such a solution to cleanse your intestines and stomach from alcohol decay products.

Step 2:

Restore the electrolytic balance with the help of special medicines "Asparkam" or "Panagin". Due to the content of the high proportion of magnesium and potassium salts you simplify hangover malaise. It should take 5 tablets at once, and in an hour you will feel the improvement. Of the products are best eaten during this period sea cabbage, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes.

Step 3:

Restore the level of acid-base balance in the body, for this solution to 10 g baking soda in 1.5 liter of mineral water or ordinary.

Step 4:

Replenish moisture deficit with water, but it should drink in a specific pattern. The first method - 400 ml in half an hour - still 350 ml. After a further 30 minutes - 200 ml, and in the next half hour - 100 ml.

Step 5:

Restore the lack of vitamins that alcohol is "thrown" from the body. First of all take vitamin C in the form askorbinok, needed a four-dose, as well as B vitamins, which are available over the counter.

Step 6:

Tidy brain activity, filling the body's amino acid supply. This can be done using a conventional "Glycine", and you can prepare your own lunch soup - hash, which is a hot jellied bone, containing cartilage.

Step 7:

Compensate for the level of protein in the body, which is consumed in the body's fight with alcohol, can be achieved by eating such foods: red caviar, Dutch cheese, beef, pork, walnuts, fish, poultry. It is best suited for this purpose boiled meat.

Step 8:

If after all the actions carried out by the above you do not feel better - sober, better beer or kvass. Heavy state will let you go, but only for a couple of hours.