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How to recover from the cold

The man who had endured the cold, is different from healthy people. This is evident in his poor appetite, behavior, appearance (pale skin, sweating, shortness of breath). All systems and organs after disease weakened and do not work well, the immune system is suppressed, the nervous system operates with difficulty.

How to recover from the cold

Instruction how to recover from the cold

Step 1:

Especially heavy toll on the digestive system disease. If prescribed antibiotics, developing dysbiosis, food is digested worse. The period of rehabilitation pay special attention to food. It should be regular, nutritious, varied and nutritious.

Step 2:

It is necessary, primarily, to recover expended during disease proteins, minerals, ready enzymes, vitamins. The diet is sure to include beans, peas, lentils, mushrooms, lean meat, low-fat fish. They contain a large amount of proteins. Good results are obtained by adding to the diet of different types of nuts. Quickly refreshes daily intake of fish caviar on a teaspoon.

Step 3:

The best supplier of vitamins in the winter and spring are the seeds of lentil sprouts, pumpkin, sunflower, peas, rye, sesame, flax, wheat. The amount of vitamins in the germinated seeds in the tens of times more than sleeping. To stimulate the formation of antibodies and lymphocytes, activation of phagocytosis, cell-mediated immunity regulation eat plant immunomodulators: garlic, onion, herb St. John's wort, calendula flowers and chamomile, Siberian ginseng, Chinese magnolia vine, ginseng root. Enzymatic activity and pronounced immunomodulating properties have salmon milt.

Step 4:

For the rehabilitation of the body is necessary to detoxify it. Removing toxins from the body is recommended to drink plenty of tea with raspberry jam, honey and lemon. Good results are given hot tea of ​​nutmeg, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger. The day drink up to two liters of fluid.

Step 5:

After disease best friend - the fresh air. Dress for the season need not Kuta but and force is not necessary. Wear necessarily long blouses and sweaters that cover the abdomen and back, cap. Make sure that shoes always been dry. Nose inside before going out must be lubricated with oxolinic ointment. Upon returning home nose rinse with water.