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How to restore blood circulation

During slow circulation problems with health, the work violated the cardiovascular system, blood clots may form. In order to restore blood flow, observe a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits, to eat, to pay particular attention to physical activity and taking medications that promote blood thinning.

How to restore blood circulation

You will need:

- preparations based on Ginkgo biloba; - Meadowsweet; - Buckeye.

Instruction how to restore circulation

Step 1:

In the first place to restore circulation discard bad habits. Nicotine promotes the contraction of blood vessels, which adversely affects the bloodstream. Alcohol provokes blood clots, stretching vessels and blood clots. No matter what he fortress. The belief that a glass of wine thins the blood and improves blood circulation - this is nothing but a myth. Upon receipt of the initial effect of the wine - it is vasodilatation, but then inevitably there is a sharp narrowing, leading to poor circulation.

Step 2:

Eat right. Avoid fatty, spicy, fried foods, animal fats, do not overeat, eat food, and often fractional. Regularly watch your weight. Malnutrition and overweight - this is one of the leading causes of impaired circulation.

Step 3:

Exercise, move more. Physical inactivity plus bad habits and excess food leads to strokes and heart attacks, and this is a consequence of impaired circulation. Every day makes it easy morning exercises, you walk, join a fitness center or pool. Exercise significantly increase blood circulation, prevent the emergence of overweight and promote overall health and well-being.

Step 4:

Systematically take drugs based on plant leaves of Ginkgo biloba, meadowsweet, horse chestnut. It is completely natural and safe means that naturally strengthen the walls of blood vessels, prevent the occurrence of blood clots, stimulate blood circulation, blood thinners.

Step 5:

Massage - another means to normalize the blood flow. Total Wellness Massage helps to bring all the major muscles in a state of heightened tone, which in turn activates the blood circulation, blood is saturated with active ingredients that beneficially affect the entire body.

Step 6:

If you have varicose veins, with cardiovascular problems, consult your doctor. You will be discharged medications help to restore blood flow. Drugs and doses doctor selects individually for each patient based on a complete medical examination results, comorbidities and age, so a single recommendation for selection there.