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How to restore the lost voice

The voice can be lost for several reasons - colds, flu, strong emotion, overstrain the vocal cords, strong laugh. What should be done to restore the missing voice?

How to restore the lost voice

You will need:

- milk; - Vodka; - Valerian; - Cognac; - Honey; - lemon juice; - Chicken egg; - carrot; - Horseradish root; - Raspberry juice.

Instruction how to restore the lost voice

Step 1:

If the voice disappeared due to a cold, drink a glass of milk is not very hot. If not help, make a compress on the throat of vodka, which will stop the inflammation. Voice, "run down" due to a nervous breakdown, you can try to recover by drinking valerian.

Step 2:

The most common cause of loss of voice is overstrain the vocal cords. Traditional treatment in such cases are silent, home mode, a hot compress on the throat, with the exception of cold, hot and spicy food.

Step 3:

To quickly return to vote, there is a very good way: take a good cognac - 50 grams, a little warm up and add 3 teaspoons of honey and 3 drops of lemon juice. Drink vehicle slowly, in small sips. The voice must be restored.

Step 4:

Everyone knows that raw eggs improve the voice, but little-known way to recover the missing voice of using this product. It is very simple: it is necessary to dissolve the yolk of one egg per 100g of warm milk. Drink the mixture in small sips and gargle. Another "egg" recipe - gargling with egg white, warmed in a water bath.

Step 5:

It has long been to restore the voice of the people used the "carrot milk." Delicious and beautiful beverage prepared as follows: 100 g carrots boiled in 0.5 liters of milk. Broth strain, drink it and caressed his throat, pronouncing the sounds "yyyy-oooo-ahhh."

Step 6:

For a quick restoration of voting can take a small piece of horseradish root (with the size of a hazelnut), fill it with boiling water (1/3 cup), cover and supply for infusion for 20 minutes, then add a spoonful of sugar, stir and drink means several times a day a teaspoon. The voice should be back to you within a day.

Step 7:

Voice, missing due to a strong stress on ligaments can be returned by drinking a glass of raspberry or blackberry juice.

Step 8:

When hoarseness makes the following means: 2 raw egg yolks with sugar until white, add a little butter. Take between meals.