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How to restore the monthly cycle

Failure of the menstrual cycle, a woman brings a lot of suffering. After all, you can not simply guess when to wait for the arrival of the so-called "red" days. Yes, and in itself a failure of a very negative effect on a woman's body. Therefore, be sure to consult your doctor so that he appointed treatment. And it will restore normal cycle.

How to restore the monthly cycle

Instruction how to restore the monthly cycle

Step 1:

Generally, to restore a regular cycle administered hormones. As drugs are usually perform oral contraceptives. The dosage and then, what kind of medication you need to take, appoint a specialist - a gynecologist. These drugs not only to regulate the menstrual cycle, but also improve the condition of skin, regulate hormones.

Step 2:

Some ladies use to regulate their own natural cycles of alternative medicine. Applied mostly defined set of herbs. So, are considered particularly useful in the Chinese angelica, fruit of the chaste tree, soybeans and ginseng. They have a positive effect on the female body due to the content of plant hormones. Acceptance of such herbs normalize hormone levels, regulate metabolism.

Step 3:

You can also use herbal teas. For example, this: take 2 pieces of peony root and the same number of yarrow, 1 part valerian, as much licorice and wormwood. Add 3 parts chamomile and parsley, 2 - St. John's wort, tansy, and mountain ash, and 1 part of thyme. Mix these herbs together, then take a tablespoon of the collection and fill it with boiled water. Infused this collection for half an hour. Drink it before bedtime.

Step 4:

In some cases, the cause may be an irregular cycle of infection. Therefore, delays or, conversely, too frequent menstrual bleeding (2-3 times a month), you must immediately consult a doctor. Pass the tests, make US and understand the reason. Naturally, for the restoration of the cycle you will need to first treat infections that interfere with the normal operation of the organism.

Step 5:

No less important for the recovery cycle is proper nutrition. There should be regular and balanced. Do not focus on the largest portions - the food must first be healthy. Even if you sit on a diet to restore the loop you need to eat meat. The more that modern dietetics offers quite a number of programs on nutrition, involving the use of meat.