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How to straighten teeth without braces

Pathology bite formed in early childhood. The reasons for such a breach: heredity, bad habits, and chronic respiratory diseases. Achieve beautiful, perfectly even teeth at any age. But in order to straighten your teeth, use dental braces Optional: there are many other ways to achieve a beautiful smile.

How to straighten teeth without braces

You will need:

- caps; - Vestibular plate; - Trainers; - surgical intervention.

Instruction how to straighten teeth without braces

Step 1:

alignment of the teeth without braces procedure begins with a comprehensive diagnosis, during which determined the causes of disease. After this part of the treatment plan.

Step 2:

Effective tool - tooth cap: it is a removable orthodontic device having a special form, which is used in dentistry to correct the bite. Mouth guards are changed every two to three weeks, and, the procedure alignment of the teeth lasts from four months to two years. Each subsequent cap slightly changes the position of the teeth.

Step 3:

Align the teeth is possible by means of vestibular plates. These records help to activate the self-regulation mechanisms in the growing organism. Due to the effect of muscle "memory" active "training" results in the daytime are fixed at night wearing this device.

Step 4:

To align the teeth are also used dental trainers representing orthodontic removable appliances. This correction means easy to maintain and use. In some cases, after a few months it is possible to observe a positive result: straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

Step 5:

Sometimes, to achieve a result, but only using orthodontic devices, it is impossible, so there is a need in the operation, that is, require surgical correction of malocclusion. Indications for surgery: improper bone structure of the jaw, their asymmetry or imbalance. In addition, during the operation can be removed some teeth, for example, twisted.