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How to treat a hernia the white line

Tenth of all cases of hernias of the anterior abdominal wall hernia of a white line of the abdomen. it is caused by the weakness of the connective tissue in the area. Thus there is a diastasis of the rectus muscles and the appearance of holes in the white line. Hernia Treatment requires both preventive and radical measures.

How to treat a hernia the white line

Instruction how to treat a hernia the white line

Step 1:

When conducting plastic local tissues defect linea alba sutured nonabsorbable thread. The complexity of the operation depends on the number of defects. Individual hernias are relatively rare, most often in patients have multiple defects, which have different diameters and require more complex surgical interventions, during which the conversion of the whole of the white line and the possible elimination of diastasis recti. Re-herniation is observed in 40% of cases. This is due to the weakness of the connective tissue and the emergence of a large load on postoperative seams.

Step 2:

The most rational way to hernia repair is the use of a synthetic prosthesis, whereby after the elimination of diastasis recti harbor defect aponeurosis. Subsequently, the germination takes place the prosthesis solid connective tissue capsule. This method allows almost completely avoid the occurrence of post-operative pain and tension the patient's body tissues. Because after the operation is accelerated strengthening of the abdominal wall, the patient is ready to earlier labor rehabilitation. Germination elements synthetic connective tissue prosthesis reduces the risk of relapse.

Step 3:

When you pull hernioplastics there are several options for the location of the implant in the anatomic structures of the anterior abdominal wall: A method of Onlay (prosthesis placement on the aponeurosis), inlay (between the sheets of fascia), Sublay (under the aponeurosis) and Intraabdominal, in which the prosthesis is located inside the abdominal diastasis polosti.Likvidatsiya rectus muscles produced during operation, allows not only to remove a hernia, but also significantly improve the shape of the patient's stomach, making it more flat.

Step 4:

This preventative measure is to wear a special brace, in the preoperative period contributes to reposition herniation and facilitate the healing process, avoiding the infringement of a hernia. Bandage provides fixation of the lumbar, side and front of the abdominal wall, has a local pressure on the area of ​​the hernia. Using bandage after the surgery, the patient is easier to move and recovering faster. Wearing a bandage is contraindicated in disadvantaged and nevpravlyaemyh hernias.