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How to treat aggression

Aggression - is Latin for "attack". Man is showing aggression often as a response to insult, humiliation, in a state of increased irritability. Very often subject to the aggression of teenagers, whose unstable mentality leads to a splash of negative emotions is not only outsiders, but also within the family.

How to treat aggression

Instruction how to treat aggression

Step 1:

As in most cases of nervous disorders, consult a specialist. Therapy aggressive states today use quite a limited range of products. Some of them are still not fully tested, so eliminate the possibility of self-treatment you or your child. Treatment should be carried out only under the supervision vracha.Podavlyaetsya aggression while taking atypical antipsychotics: clozapine and Risperdal. May have a positive effect of lithium salts, valproic acid, trazodone, carbamazepine. It is believed that the high efficiency have tricyclic antidepressants.

Step 2:

A special place in the treatment of aggression takes psychotherapy. There are specially designed methodology aimed at forwarding and suppression of aggression. Take a course of psychotherapy, will learn the methods and you will be able to suppress their negative status. For example, if you feel that your spleen has reached a critical limit, tear to shreds paper, beat Divan cushion.

Step 3:

Try a serious workout, your desire to win the release of adrenaline, sports rage will help suppress the aggressive state.

Step 4:

If you have previously addicted to writing poems and short stories, engage it again. Just change the genre, try to write horror stories. Often aggression, splash out on paper, reduces the expression of aggression in real life.

Step 5:

If you do not suffer excessive suspiciousness, often laugh, attend concerts comedians, participate in fun team games. But if you see enemies everywhere, leave this idea.

Step 6:

One simple decision - to try to avoid situations that might lead you to the emergence of aggressive behavior.