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How to treat an aneurysm

Aneurysm is called a diverticulum or separation wall of the aorta, a major artery of the human body. This pathology may have a different location: the brain, the thoracic and abdominal aorta, vessels of the lower extremities.

How to treat an aneurysm

Instruction how to treat an aneurysm

Step 1:

An aneurysm is a serious pathology, which, if not carried out in time to diagnosis and prescribed treatment, may result in aneurysm letalno.Lechenie - operational. Can expectant management, but only if all necessary preventive measures, the patient is under constant medical supervision.

Step 2:

Currently secrete several kinds of operations, applied depending on the severity and localization of the aneurysm: Clipping the aneurysm. Operation is that the aneurysm, which is a bag-shaped wall thickened artery was occluded special clip that prevents blood flow to this area, and therefore reducing the risk of aneurysm rupture. This main artery is preserved. This operation is among the most difficult in vascular surgery because of the high risk of damage to the vessel. Running with open access.

Step 3:

Endovascular embolization of aneurysms. Minimally invasive procedure, which has at the same time a high percentage of successful procedures. Proceedings it consists of introducing a special vascular catheters (2 mm diameter) into one of the femoral arteries. Further along the bloodstream to the site of the catheter moves aneurysm localization. This is followed by the process of embolization, i.e. filling in order to reduce blood flow in the region of the aneurysm to prevent further delamination and tearing it. Embolism is a small thread of platinum - "Spiral", which with the help of an intravascular catheter is placed in the cavity of the aneurysm filling it.

Step 4:

The vascular prosthesis. The operation is performed under open access. Vascular surgeon with additional research methods determines the precise location of the aneurysm, then excised and replaced it Dacron arterial site. If the aneurysm is located in the large-vessel legs, the prosthesis can serve located next to Vienna with him.