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How to treat dyspepsia

Violation of qualitative and quantitative composition of intestinal microflora may occur indigestion or dyspepsia. This state is fraught with different deficient states of the organism, since absorption of nutrients is disturbed. Depending on the cause, cure indigestion should not only timely, but also correctly.

How to treat dyspepsia

Instruction how to treat dyspepsia

Step 1:

Determine the cause of dyspepsia. If diarrhea is not accompanied by severe pain in the intestines and fever (symptoms typical of intestinal infections), it is likely indigestion associated with errors in the diet.

Step 2:

At the first sign of intestinal disorders better arrange the "hungry" days. Refraining from any type of food - the best way to restore bowel function. But be sure to Replenish body water, he loses because of loose stool. Drink at least 2.3 liters per day.

Step 3:

After 1-2 days of hunger, go to the diet, which is fundamental in the treatment of dyspepsia. Select the one that corresponds to the state. However, do not use for a long time, the exclusion of certain products, particularly shabby. This can affect the digestion and the condition of the body is also not the best way.

Step 4:

Frequent (more than 5 times a day), a liquid, but without the smell of stool can be a sign of carbohydrate dyspepsia associated with the glut of carbohydrates diet. Accordingly eliminate carbohydrate food and enter the menu more protein foods - cheese, eggs, meat, fish.

Step 5:

Frequent, liquid and malodorous stool can be a sign of protein indigestion. Accordingly exclude protein foods and enrich the diet with carbohydrates - fruits and vegetables (in a shabby), as well as cereals.

Step 6:

To restore the microflora using acidophilus preparations. And you can buy at the pharmacy (without prescription). For the treatment and recovery of used "Baktilsubtil" (1 caps. 3-6 times a day), "Panzinorm forte" (1 tab. 3 times a day with meals), "Hepel" (according to Table 1. Under the tongue 3 times a day), "Mezim forte" (in table 1-2. or caps. 3 times a day). In some cases, for the treatment of dyspepsia prescribe antibiotics.

Step 7:

Due to the diversity of types of dyspepsia and specific to each of these symptoms, medication dyspepsia better start after a thorough examination and on the basis of diagnostic and laboratory data. Since the wrong therapy or self-medication can lead to chronic intestinal disorder.

Step 8:

From home remedies to restore bowel function, use dairy products (yogurt), especially at night, as well as garlic capsules in the morning on an empty stomach (no gastritis and gastric ulcer).