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How to treat external hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - is a serious disease of the rectum. His treatment need to be addressed immediately, as soon as the first of his signs. It should be noted that colon cancer often begins with a harmless at first glance hemorrhoids. Take care of your health and try to cure the disease.

How to treat external hemorrhoids

You will need:

- pochechuyny tea; - Aspen leaves; - Turpentine; - Dandelion roots; - Sea buckthorn oil and candles; - Chamomile, chestnut, sage and oak bark.

Instruction how to treat external hemorrhoids

Step 1:

Narva aspen leaves and rinse them thoroughly under running water. Put on a clean towel and let them dry off a little. Place the leaves in an enamel pan and remember. If you have a blender, then chop the leaves and squeeze the juice from them. By the way, and have a juicer. Rinse well with warm water crotch. Moisten a cotton ball in the juice and apply it on the hemorrhoids dropped. Keep about 1-2 hours, but longer is better.

Step 2:

Take pochechuyny tea. Brew it should be, following the directions on the package. The course of treatment should be about 10-15 days, but not less, otherwise the result will not be. Contraindications can be idiosyncrasy Knotweed. Be careful, the gifts of nature can trigger severe allergies.

Step 3:

Buy at the pharmacy sea buckthorn oil. Treat them precipitated components and lubricate the entire area around the anus. Do not interfere, and rectal suppositories, which is composed of the same oil. Enter them twice a day, but the processing of oil at the same time do not stop. Do not forget to examine the summary or consult the proctologist.

Step 4:

Take sitz baths of horse chestnut, chamomile, oak bark, and sage. Mix all raw materials in equal proportions. Then brew 5 tablespoons per liter of water, wrap up and give a little brew. Broth, dilute with warm water to produce 3-4 liters. The procedure is performed approximately 30-40 minutes.

Step 5:

Add 20 drops of turpentine oil in 50 ml of water. Moisten a cotton swab to obtain a solution and apply to the affected area. Lotions should be done at least three times a day.

Step 6:

If the size of the separated components do not fall off, go to the reception to the proctologist. Do not interfere with diagnosis of the disease, often with external hemorrhoids may be internal. The doctor will prescribe medication or advise you to carry out excision of hemorrhoids. Do not be afraid, the rehabilitation process will be fast enough.