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How to treat infiltration

Infiltrate - an inflammation of the cellular spaces intramuscular, subcutaneous, retroperitoneal, and other tissues. Unlike abscess has no clear border. The causative agent of the process are staphylococci and streptococci, as well as other pyogenic microbes that enter the tissue through accidentally damaged skin, mucous membranes or hematogenous route. Infiltration may be a separate disease, and a complication of various kinds of purulent processes.

How to treat infiltration

You will need:

- Veronica officinalis; - Elecampane root; - propolis tincture; - Aristolochia Clematitis

Instruction how to treat infiltration

Step 1:

To prepare a tincture resorption infiltrate veronica. Take 2 tablespoons of herbs, pour 100 ml of 70% alcohol and put on 15 days in a dark place, shaking occasionally. For the treatment of infiltration imposes on him a compress with tincture of Veronica for 6-7 hours, then let to dry skin and then apply compresses. After 3-5 procedures infiltrate disappears.

Step 2:

elecampane root used in traditional medicine quite widely, including, and in the treatment of inflammatory processes. It has a pronounced antimicrobial action. Take 1 tablespoon of minced root elecampane, put in a dark bowl and pour 100 ml of 70% rubbing alcohol. Put in a dark cool place for 7 days. Then strain and mix in half with 20% propolis tincture, which you can either buy ready-made in a pharmacy or prepare themselves.

Step 3:

To prepare, take 20 grams of propolis, cool in the freezer to make it easier to crush and pour 100 ml of 70% alcohol. Insist 21 days, then strain. Propolis tincture is ready to use.

Step 4:

After connecting elecampane tincture and propolis, soak a piece of cotton wool, apply to infiltrate and secure. Change the bandage twice a day, giving, between the change compress the skin surface to dry for 30-50 minutes. After 4-6 packs tend to infiltrate resolves.

Step 5:

At the same time laying on the compress accept mix inside infusions, after dissolving 20-30 drops in 50 ml of water three times a day.

Step 6:

Aristolochia Clematitis recommended for the treatment of boils, abscesses, septic wounds, trophic ulcers, infiltrates, abscesses. The plant requires careful observance of dosage, because of the strong toxicity. Take 1 tablespoon of herbs and pour 100 ml of rubbing alcohol 70%. Put in a cool dark place for infusion for 15 days, then strain. Soak a piece of cotton wool in the tincture and apply to infiltrate over the paper, apply a compression bandage and secure. Change the bandage every day. Infiltrate resolves the third or fourth day.