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How to treat inflammatory bowel disease

We know two main types of inflammatory bowel diseases: Crohn's disease (usually affects the large intestine or thin, but any intestine is at risk) and ulcerative colitis (colon). Inflammatory bowel disease is considered a disease of unknown etiology, however, as the reasons are sometimes called infectious, genetic, immunological, and sometimes even the psycho-emotional factors.

How to treat inflammatory bowel disease

You will need:

- anti-inflammatory drugs - antibiotics and antifungal drugs - painkillers - TNF inhibitors

Instruction how to treat inflammatory bowel disease

Step 1:

If you notice at symptoms such as diarrhea (or difficulty with bowel movements), pain and cramping sensation in the abdomen, gray patches on the tongue, fever, loss of appetite, then the first thing to do - to see a specialist, who will appoint to pass the necessary tests (fecal, blood, in some cases - endo- and fluoroscopy) and diagnose, depending on which will prescribe the necessary drugs - anti-inflammatory drugs (aminosalicylates, steroids) - for the control and suppression of the inflammatory process; - Antibiotics and antifungals - to protect the body from infection and destruction of pathogenic bacteria; - Painkillers - to get rid of the discomfort and pain; - TNF inhibitors (in the case of an overactive immune system).

Step 2:

In the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease should follow a phased approach. First of all medicines are assigned with the least side effects, not to harm the intestinal mucosa more. However, if they do not relieve the patient's condition, then resorting to more aggressive media. Independently treat inflammatory bowel disease should not be, in order to avoid irreparable consequences.

Step 3:

You must adjust your diet, removing from his milk and foods containing fiber, at the same time enriching it with nutritional supplements containing magnesium, vitamins C and E and glutamine.

Step 4:

To effectively treat inflammatory bowel disease, should be amended in life style. If possible, give up smoking and alcohol, to maintain the body's balance of fluids needed to engage adequate physical activity. In the case of addiction to depression - to take antidepressants.