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How to treat loss of eyelashes

The reasons for the loss of eyelashes can be more: are allergic to cosmetics, the defeat of the body mites, lack of vitamins in the body, etc. Of course, to deal with this problem in a variety of cases, we have in many ways.

How to treat loss of eyelashes

You will need:

- chamomile flowers, cornflower, succession, parsley; - Strong brewed black tea; - Castor or burdock oil; - Parsley and olive oil; - Liquid vitamin E; - Antiparasitic drugs; - Antihistamines.

Instruction how to treat loss of eyelashes

Step 1:

Stop using any cosmetics, even if the cause of loss of eyelashes is not allergic to its components.

Step 2:

Often the loss of eyelashes is preceded by the defeat of the organism tick - demodicosis. In this case, you need to take antiparasitic drugs, antihistamines, lubricate the eyelids special structures.

Step 3:

Go through physiotherapy. Massage of century (including water), ozone therapy, treatment with magnetic waves darsonvalization electrophoresis and increase the action of anti-inflammatory and reducing agents. Increased blood flow leads to improved eyelash power, which causes slow growth and loss.

Step 4:

Strengthening the hair follicles contribute to herbal compresses - Prepare extracts of chamomile flowers, cornflower, succession, parsley and apply to eyelids moistened cotton swabs. You can use strong brewed black tea.

Step 5:

To strengthen the lashes and to return them to the elasticity lubricate them with castor or burdock oil - clean brush, apply mascara composition of the entire length of the eyelashes, avoiding the roots. Chop the parsley and mix it with olive oil - a mask can be applied on the eyelids and eyelashes with light massaging movements. To strengthen the lashes using the liquid vitamin E, which is applied to the skin of the eyelids and eyelashes.

Step 6:

Add in the diet foods that promote the growth and strengthening of eyelashes. These include sour cream and butter, carrots, tomatoes, egg yolks and liver (vitamin A), meat and milk (vitamin B). Complete course of taking fish oil, a multivitamin complex.

Step 7:

If the lashes fall out as a result of medication or course of irradiating procedures that require long-term therapy restores. Consult with your doctor and follow its recommendations - taking vitamins, rest, adjusting medications, topical treatment.