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How to treat the intestines folk remedies

Even healthy people are sometimes faced with abdominal pain and problems with a chair. Of course, with regular ailments better to see a doctor, but isolated cases fully able to heal on their own. Traditional medicine recipes full effect to combat pain in the gut.

How to treat the intestines folk remedies

Instruction how to treat the intestines folk remedies

Step 1:

Chronic constipation can help cure flaxseed if brew it in the following proportion: a teaspoon of seeds per cup of boiling water. Consume this solution daily before going to sleep, strain it is not necessary.

Step 2:

Also constipation, traditional medicine recommends to use the infusion of the field loach (tablespoon per cup of boiling water, to insist 15 minutes and strain) to be taken with 100 ml. at bedtime for two weeks.

Step 3:

Cut a few aloe leaves and place in the refrigerator for a week. After pressing out the juice from them, and accept, diluted with water, according to 0,1-0,2g.

Step 4:

Tasty and effective tool for intestinal disorders are prunes in any form (compote, mashed potatoes, dried fruit). It is also good to eat and fresh plums of the season.

Step 5:

A tablespoon blackberry leaves, insist in a thermos for three hours, help get rid of pain in the gut. Drink 100 ml. this infusion for 20 minutes before eating.

Step 6:

With all the ailments homeopaths recommend the rhubarb. However, it should be deleted at the time of pregnancy and the critical days.

Step 7:

You can help the body with the help of exercise. Lie not stomach tighten to his feet and push down firmly on the navel before the surge. Lie in this position for about 15 minutes Repeat the exercise every day for a month.

Step 8:

Finally tasty and healthy recipe for pumpkin and beans. Cut into small cubes a quarter the pumpkin and cook it along with the onion in a small amount of vegetable oil. Boiled beans, mix with pumpkin and simmer for 5-10 minutes more. Add spices to taste.

Step 9:

To restore the intestinal microflora suitable three-day diet. On the first day you should drink only water, acidifying it with lemon juice. The second day is recommended rice and broth hips. On the third day, you can have anything you want, but in small portions.