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How to wash the nose

For the treatment and prevention of common diseases of the nasopharynx, a runny nose, allergies, sinusitis, inflammation of the adenoids, doctors recommend their patients to do regular washing of the nose. In addition, such a procedure should be carried out for cleaning the nasopharynx from dust and other unwanted small particles of respirable person daily. To achieve maximum efficiency, nasal lavage should be done correctly.

How to wash the nose

You will need:

- Esmarch's irrigator; - Solution for nasal lavage.

Instruction how to wash the nose

Step 1:

As a means for washing the nose, you can use mineral water, saline, medicines recommended by your doctor, as well as warm, running water.

Step 2:

Do nasal lavage can only be free patency of the nasal passages. If breathing is difficult due to nasal congestion, for about 10-15 minutes before the procedure should be used vasoconstrictor nasal drops.

Step 3:

For nasopharyngeal wash will need a mug Esmarch, which can be purchased in almost any drugstore. It is a rubber hose with the reservoir at the end of which a plastic tip is present.

Step 4:

Mug douches must be hung at a height of half a meter above the sink. Tap on the tube in this case must be closed.

Step 5:

Further, in the rubber reservoir should pour pint prepared beforehand for nasal lavage solution, which should be 36-37? C temperature.

Step 6:

Tap on the tube to rotate and adjust the speed of streaming solution. The jet of fluid should get a medium pressure to the nasal lavage procedure lasted 4-5 minutes.

Step 7:

Then you need to tilt your head over a sink. Breathing should be done through the mouth.

Step 8:

The tip of the tube mug douches should be inserted into the nostril so that the solution flowed. The head should be tilted towards the free nostril.

Step 9:

If nasal rinsing occurs correctly, entering into one nostril solution, bypassing the nasal septum, it flows out of the other nostril. Fluid passing through the nasopharynx, cleans it.

Step 10:

Then tap on the hose should be closed and repeat the washing procedure by inserting the tip into the other nostril.

Step 11:

Within hours after the nasal wash is not recommended to sharply sniff.