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Inhalation of mineral water: how to do them correctly

In the treatment of cough necessarily use drugs. Inhalation with mineral water liquefies phlegm, accumulated in the bronchi, and quickly eliminate it out, contributing to recovery.

Inhalation of mineral water: how to do them correctly

Instruction inhalation with mineral water: how to do them correctly

Step 1:

The advantage of this method of treatment of cough is that it does not require the purchase of expensive and not harmless drugs. The risk of an allergic reaction during inhalation with mineral water tends to zero. Excluded systemic effect on the body, inhaled vapors enter immediately into the bronchi. Well, the most important advantage of this method is the possibility to carry out the treatment at home. The procedure can be organized at any time, and the effect of it will be no worse than if it was held in a physiotherapy room.

Step 2:

For treatment, you can use any alkaline mineral water, for example, "Borjomi" and "Narzan". An excellent effect can be achieved if you take inhaled "Essentuki» (№4 or 17) .Pereleyte contents of the bottle into the glass and let stand the fluid for two to three hours. To gases will come out, stir the water with a spoon.

Step 3:

If you have an inhaler, perform the procedure with it. In this case, it does not require any preparation. Fill the tank unit 4-5 ml of carbonated mineral water, and within three minutes breathe fumes. Perform the procedure every four hours. It is desirable for the period of treatment to refrain from walking. Eating before and after inhalation contraindicated (better withstand the interval at least one hour).

Step 4:

The absence of the inhaler is not an obstacle for the procedure. A glass of still mineral water is heated to 45-50 degrees, and cover with a towel, inhale vapors. Due to this, the steam will rush into the airway, rather than scattered throughout the room. The frequency and duration of the procedure is the same as when using the inhaler.