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It is helping glasses for computer work?

Extensive advertising computer glasses promises to solve vision problems, get rid of tired eyes, headaches and radiation. Provided that you wear them every time, sitting at the computer. Very often, manufacturers of computer glasses advertise them as a kind of panacea for all eye diseases. Is it so? And why, after working at a computer headache and eyes?

It is helping glasses for computer work?

In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems. In "normal" person blinks an average of once every 15-20 seconds, while working at the computer eyelids lowered and raised much less, that is, the person starts to blink about once every 30 seconds and then every 2 minutes. Of course, after a few hours the eye simply tired as corneal cells begin to dry up, the cornea does not receive a sufficient amount of moisture. After about 5 hours at the computer to the pain in the eyes of pain in the head is attached. If so how much work years, it is easy to get cataracts - an occupational disease programmers.

What to do? Really it is necessary to refuse from your computer permanently? Of course not. Just when working at the computer you need to follow some rules that will help preserve vision. Try to force blink at least once every 30 seconds, gradually it will become a habit. After hours of stand up from the computer, look into the distance, on the green, the reason his eyes sideways, down, up. In short, do a warm-up for the eyes, it would be nice to do a warm-up also for the whole body.

If you are still using a CRT monitor, then immediately replace it with a modern LCD. Now you can buy a very inexpensive good monitor. In stores, all the models of monitors are set to maximum brightness, and contrast. Consumers, bringing home the monitor, immediately begin to use it, trying to adjust his eyes under the picture on the screen. We must do the opposite, to adjust the brightness and contrast of the monitor at the values ​​at which you will be convenient and comfortable to sit at him.

As for the points, rather, it is just another advertisement. These glasses are unlikely to save you from the loss of vision. But the tension from the eyes, they really help to remove. But it is not a miraculous deposition on the glass, and in normal human physiology. At such points, like any other, have special clamps, which hold them on the nose. When a person wears glasses, it feels mild discomfort or just unusual sensations that occur with a mild compression of the nose. This is especially noticeable to people who have never worn glasses. The brain reacts to the new sensation for itself and does not focus entirely on the screen. The glass near the eye foreign body performing a function between you and the screen, which also distracts the eye. This diversion of the effect you are not likely to feel well and to learn to ignore after a while. But the eyes and the brain will continue to react to something new. That's the whole secret of points for the computer.

Still plays an important role self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis has a strong influence on the person. Advertising on the Internet, the positive reviews on this product can instill that these glasses really miraculous. Of course, there are people who are actively using this product and are very happy. But the principle of operation of these points is the one that has been described above. Therefore, before giving sometimes a lot of money for computer glasses, better think it is necessary. Maybe you just need to give the eyes more rest, will be a good addition on the basis of vitamins blueberry or carrot juice.

Take care of your vision, possibly giving your eyes more rest from the monitor. It is doubtful to believe zirconia bracelets, glasses with super spraying or miracle devices. If they help, it is likely, thanks to the power of suggestion of the person who wears them.