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How To Repair A Chair

How to repair a chair

Malnutrition leads to poor digestion and stagnation in the gastrointestinal tract, occurs stagnation waste. It brings a lot of discomfort, there is a constant heaviness in the abdomen and pain. Normalize bowel function and regularity of the chair can be restored - it do not even have to visit the hospital.

Instruction how to restore the…

Health And Medicine
How To Protect Kidneys

How to protect kidneys

Human Kidneys are an important organ, so throughout their lives to their condition must be treated carefully enough - to control blood pressure, fluid and salt load, protein intake, to prevent infectious diseases.

Instruction how to protect kidneys

Step 1:

Undoubtedly, in childhood and adolescence, the most significant risk for kidney disease are inflammatory. It can cause kidney…

Health And Medicine
How To Regain Weight

How to regain weight

Your weight may change in the direction of increasing, for example, as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as medication. It happens that the body mass and decreases due to serious illness. Any deviation from the norm is to have a signal that the body is not all right, so do not leave this moment…

Health And Medicine
How To Whet Your Appetite

How to whet your appetite

Everyone familiar with the phenomenon of loss of appetite. Usually in the summer, due to the extreme heat, people strike out from their usual diet hearty, replacing them with light salads, vegetables and fruits. But the causes of loss of appetite can be a disease or a weakened state of neuro-psychiatric disorder person. In this case,…

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