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How To Measure Body Temperature Thermometer

How to measure body temperature thermometer

Strong heat always refers to those or other problems in the body. Moreover, for the diagnosis it is of great importance as far as the temperature is increased. The easiest and most accurate way to take readings - measure the temperature using a medical thermometer.

Instruction how to measure body temperature thermometer

Step 1:

From the…

Health And Medicine
How To Raise A Child With A Disability

How to raise a child with a disability

The birth of a baby in the family with developmental disorders is always stressful. The parents are in a difficult psychological situation: they have to experience the grief, the pain, the guilt for the fact that the child was born "so", and some fall into despair. Most often, the family is moving away…

Health And Medicine
How To Cure Constipation

How to cure constipation

Constipation refers to such sensitive issues that people do not always rushing to the clinic. And in vain! Most constipation is a symptom of a more serious condition. But if he is not of a chronic nature, you can remedy the situation without visiting the doctor.

You will need:

- flax seeds; - Fruit laxative zhostera.

Instruction how…

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Djufaston During Pregnancy

Djufaston during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women assigned hormonal drug Duphaston. It includes an artificial progesterone, which is needed to preserve the uterus fetal eggs.

Lack of progesterone can have a negative impact on the carrying of a pregnancy, so the preceding habitual miscarriage or non-viable pregnancies reception duphaston required. Often, doctors prescribe local antenatal clinics during pregnancy Duphaston without sufficient…
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How To Achieve A Regular Chair

How to achieve a regular chair

The human body is polluted both outside and inside. From the outside it is very easy to get rid of pollution. It is much harder to remove toxins that are found in the body. Regular chair helps to solve most of the problems. All the harmful substances simply excreted. But this is only the case…

Health And Medicine
How To Restore The Monthly Cycle

How to restore the monthly cycle

Failure of the menstrual cycle, a woman brings a lot of suffering. After all, you can not simply guess when to wait for the arrival of the so-called "red" days. Yes, and in itself a failure of a very negative effect on a woman's body. Therefore, be sure to consult your doctor so that he…

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How To Get Rid Of Sores In The Nose

How to get rid of sores in the nose

The most common reason for the formation of sores in the nose is a herpes virus. The herpes virus is second only to influenza infectious causes of death. Herpes coexist in the human body, not manifesting itself, for a long time. The impetus for its activation are infectious and oncological diseases, immune…

Health And Medicine
How To Get Rid Of Alcoholism

How to get rid of alcoholism

Alcoholism - the trouble is not only drinking man, but also his relatives and friends. Boozer can be neither a good worker nor a householder. How can I get rid of the green serpent?

Instruction how to get rid of alcoholism

Step 1:

The most important condition for effective treatment - the desire of the patient.…

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As A Low-Alcohol Strengthens Bones Women

As a low-alcohol strengthens bones women

The wine is a light alcoholic drink, which in moderate amounts is able to strengthen the bones of women in adulthood, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis. The disease is characteristic for the elderly and dangerous for women.

A glass of red wine or a glass of light beer on a daily diet of women…

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How To Cure Dry Seborrhea

How to cure dry seborrhea

Seborrhea - a skin disease, which is accompanied by disorders of the sebaceous glands and the change in the chemical composition of the secretions of these glands. When dry seborrhea there is insufficient sebum. This disease most commonly affects the hairy parts of the body, including the head. As the disease the skin becomes dry, there…

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How To Recover After Ear Otitis

How to recover after ear otitis

Hearing loss and its final phase - deafness - can develop gradually, over a number of months with the disease chronic otitis, and suddenly, a few days or even hours - in acute purulent otitis. Affected are both ear and one. Hearing loss is often curable. A major role in curing play traditional medicines.


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How To Get Rid Of Gout

How to get rid of gout

At the heart of gout are a violation of metabolism and deposition of urinary salts in the joints. Most often affects the joints of the big toes and hands. The cause of gout is the wrong food, alcohol, especially beer, champagne, red wine. An attack of gout lasts from one to three days. It is…

Health And Medicine
How Do Iodine Grid

How do iodine grid

Iodine grid - this is not a panacea, not a cure-all or even a means of replenishment of iodine deficiency. However, its moderate irritant effect can improve the movement of blood through the capillaries of the skin and, as a result, cause the necessary blood flow to the diseased area.

You will need:

- A 5% solution of…

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How To Detect Parasites In Humans

How to detect parasites in humans

Currently it identified more than 200 types of worms which live in the human body. By the number of patients in the world of intestinal helminth infections ranked third. Infestation leads to serious disturbances in the body: reduced immune defense, disrupted gastrointestinal tract, allergic reactions occur.

Instruction how to identify parasites in humans

Step 1:


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As Bandaging Ankle

As bandaging ankle

Sometimes in sports, you can get a sprain. You can pre-workout bandaging ankle To this did not happen at high loads. How correctly to do this procedure?

Instruction how to bandage ankle

Step 1:

If possible, it is better to buy in a pharmacy special elastic cover for the ankle. In appearance it looks like a normal sock, but…

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How To Get Rid Of Severe Toothache

How to get rid of severe toothache

Acute toothache brings man one of the most painful experiences and transferred the most seriously. Fortunately, even if the dental clinic is out of reach, calm at the time of the attack pulpitis or periodontitis can be yourself.

You will need:

- anesthetic - sage leaves or lemon balm - tincture of valerian or dental…

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How To Cure The People'S Means The Pancreas

How to cure the people's means the pancreas

You have set a bad diagnosis - pancreatitis. From the slightest violation of the diet begins attack. Do you drink pills and the pain begins to retreat to after a while back with a bang. How to prevent the onset of a new episode? Use as a preventive and curative measures recipes of…

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How To Cure Knee Pain

How to cure knee pain

One of the largest joint in the human body - the knee. It is easily injured and overloaded, which leads to a variety of diseases - arthritis, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. Therefore, to understand how to treat knee pain, it is first necessary to identify the underlying disease. And it can be done only at a reception…

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How Quickly Cure Ringworm

How quickly cure ringworm

Under this name, there are a large number of various skin diseases. Some of them have a fungal nature, others - viral, and on the origin of some of them even today scientists are at odds. Therefore, the question of how quickly heal herpes, immediately and unequivocally responds no doctor. To treat a disease, it must be…

Health And Medicine
How To Cure The Salt Deposits

How to cure the salt deposits

Diseases called "salt deposits" in medicine does not exist. Usually, this expression meant any disease of the joints, accompanied by limitation of motion, pain, and crunch. The approach to the treatment of such conditions should be complex.

You will need:

- nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; - Anti-inflammatory ointment; - Chondroprotectors; - Pine branches.

Instruction how to cure…

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