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How To Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

How to stop taking birth control pills

Hormonal contraceptives are used for protection from unwanted pregnancy or to treat a variety of endocrine disorders. When the treatment is over or planning a pregnancy, you need to stop taking birth control and determine for themselves the next steps.

Instruction how to stop taking birth control pills

Step 1:

Before you stop taking birth…

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How To Treat Diathesis Folk Remedies

How to treat diathesis folk remedies

Diathesis is the result of heredity and occurs in children who are prone to allergies. The main reason for the appearance of redness on the skin of the child is not formed by the digestive system. Therefore, you need to treat the whole body.

Instruction how to treat diathesis folk remedies

Step 1:

Broth when the…

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How To Treat Coronary Disease

How to treat coronary disease

If exercise causes you pain in the heart, you may have started ischemic disease - a disease associated with impaired blood supply to the heart muscle.

Instruction how to treat coronary disease

Step 1:

At the slightest suspicion of heart problems, immediately consult a cardiologist. In addition to prescription medications can implement measures that reduce the risk…

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How To Relieve The Baby From Colic

How to relieve the baby from colic

In the life of every parent and baby comes "time colic". When a baby has colic, loss of appetite, calm sleep and mood. Cope with them will help a few tips that will be revealed in this article.

Each mom, surviving because of the crying baby, who suffers from colic, running at full speed…

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How To Use A Rectal Suppository

How to use a rectal suppository

Many medicines to reduce fever, improve immunity, the treatment of hemorrhoids are issued in the form of rectal suppositories. They are easy to use and can be used in different age groups. To achieve the effect you need to properly use candles.

Instruction how to use rectal suppositories

Step 1:

When using rectal suppositories is often…

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How To Cure A Foot Injury

How to cure a foot injury

Bruises called injury of soft tissue without compromising the integrity of the skin. Accompanied pronounced by pain, swelling of the soft tissues, often a bone bruise, hematoma development. The first step is to prevent the overflowing of bleeding in the soft tissue. It will help it to make cold compress. And on the next day…

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How To Cure Your Skin From Itching

How to cure your skin from itching

Itching of the skin - a forerunner and companion of many diseases, it is a desire to constantly combing the skin. Often itch is not only unpleasant but also a fairly strong negative emotions that are difficult to control. To heal the skin from itching, first of all we need to find the cause.…

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How To Recover From Smoking

How to recover from smoking

More and more people refuse addiction. But stop smoking - a little, the body still needs to be restored and cleaned of nicotine deposited in all organs and tissues. However, the recovery will not happen in a day or two, take months or even years. It is a pity that some smokers realize their mistake later…

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How To Choose A Vaccine Against Influenza

How to choose a vaccine against influenza

In Russia, the most common vaccines against influenza are "Vaksigripp", "Grippol" and "Iflyulak". The man, who decided to be vaccinated against influenza, should clearly understand the principle of action of this or that means, all its poles and cons. Make the right choice with the help of brief information below.

Instruction how to choose…

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Why Heart

Why heart

The heart - the body's main muscle. It is a powerful pump that carries out the promotion of life-giving blood and lymph vessels, feeding oxygen and important substances other organs. The heart acts independently and does not depend on the brain, which controls all other internal organs and muscles.

Heart - the most hardworking organ, whose work does not…

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How Warm Blue Lamp

How warm blue lamp

About the existence of germicidal lamps that allow for disinfection of premises, known to many today. The use of ultraviolet radiation to improve human health is becoming increasingly popular, but it leads to the fact that people without professional education are beginning to apply this concept to other methods of treatment, in particular - to the warming…

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How To Treat Veins On The Legs

How to treat veins on the legs

The appearance of spider veins on the legs mean that your condition has worsened capillaries. This is due to a number of reasons: a large load on the legs, poor diet, poor circulation, intestines and liver, a large weight gain, abusing the sun, alcohol and others.

You will need:

- cherry; - cherries; - Natural…

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How To Display The Body Of Heavy Metals

How to display the body of heavy metals

Heavy metals can accumulate in plants and animals that we eat. They can get into our body with air, water, exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke, with household cleaning products. The isotopes of heavy metals are deposited on the internal organs, causing a variety of diseases.

Instruction how to display the body of heavy metals


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How To Cure A Cyst In The Breast

How to cure a cyst in the breast

Breast cyst occurs mainly in nulliparous women, often as a result of hormonal failure. Treatment shall appoint a physician mammolog after a complete examination and the taking of all analyzes. Treat the disease should not be alone, as it can start festering disease of the breast.

Instruction how to cure a cyst in…

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How To Cure Acute Bronchitis

How to cure acute bronchitis

Bronchitis - a serious disease of the respiratory tract that can pass away in asthma. During an exacerbation there is a strong cough without phlegm, accompanied in some cases, pain. Gradually, there is sputum, sometimes mixed with pus or blood-streaked. Treatment of acute bronchitis should do the therapist.

You will need:

- antibiotics; - essential oils; -…

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How To Massage Massager

How to massage massager

The effectiveness of self-massage can greatly improve with the help of special massagers. Species of these devices, there are many, but one of the most convenient is the Roller Massager, which is a chain of wooden or plastic balls, held together by two flexible cords with handles at the ends. It can help you get rid of…

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How To Treat Purulent Sinusitis

How to treat purulent sinusitis

Purulent sinusitis refers to acute respiratory viral infections. This disease is often treated only by surgical intervention. However, in the home can prevent and successfully getting rid of the purulent mucus in the sinuses

You will need:

- drops with antibacterial action; - Sea salt or regular; - Furatsilina solution; - Horse chestnut tincture.

Instruction how to…

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How To Choose A Clinic And Doctor

How to choose a clinic and doctor

The correct choice of a clinic or your doctor is not only error-free diagnosis and the results of further treatment, but sometimes even life itself. So when the question arises, how to choose a hospital and a doctor, you need to collect all possible information to further not disappointed in the selected hospital.


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How To Get Rid Of A Bruise Yourself

How to get rid of a bruise yourself

Bruises occur often enough. They not only spoil the appearance of the person, but also bring pain, if you touch them. Normal bruise goes away on its own after a few days, but sometimes it takes an emergency to get rid of him.

Of course, the best result is achieved with immediate relief…

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The Heat And Stuffiness: How To Save

The heat and stuffiness: how to save

Most people love the hot days of summer behind, the opportunity to swim in open water, spend a day or even the night outdoors. However, all is not well tolerate high temperatures and are constantly looking for different ways of salvation from the heat and stuffiness.

How to escape the heat at home effective…

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