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How To Cure Bleeding Gums

How to cure bleeding gums

The condition of the mouth in the first place affect the body's health and nutrition. The most common disorder is their gums bleed (gingivitis). Launched, it can lead to serious disease - periodontitis. Then you can lose your teeth. The main cause of the disease is non-compliance with the rules of oral hygiene. Scientists have found…

Health And Medicine
How To Restore Blood Loss

How to restore blood loss

The amount of blood in a healthy organism depends on the body weight and the average is about five liters. a lack of red blood cells occurs during severe blood loss, which is accompanied by numbness of the extremities, fatigue, depression, headaches, shortness of breath and so on. Therefore you need to make up for the…

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Home Weight Loss: Myth Or Reality

Home Weight Loss: Myth or Reality

For many women losing weight at home - the only way to bring the figure in excellent shape after the baby is born. It is a little pipsqueak, a young mom is not able to be away from home for a long time. And when the child grows up, not everyone can run in the…

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How To Get Rid Of The Track From The Burn

How to get rid of the track from the burn

To burn after left scars or traces, you need to properly care for the wound. Immediately after you've burned, it is recommended to put a special foam, lavender oil diluted with water or simple toothpaste and then watch closely to ensure that the damaged skin is not cracked. Do not worry…

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How To Treat Intestinal Diseases

How to treat intestinal diseases

Among intestinal infections are more than thirty diseases that result in the stomach or intestines are damaged. Consequences of these diseases may be different (diarrhea, vomiting, and even death), but the reason is bacteria, viruses or their toxins, falling within the human body with contaminated food or water, and also through the unwashed hands. The most…

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Healthy Teeth For Years To Come

Healthy teeth for years to come

The teeth of our ancestors were much stronger and healthier than ours. It was connected with the fact that they eat less and consume food was harder, so respected in the mouth a natural acid-alkaline balance, and gum chewing experienced considerable stress, well supplied with blood and oxygen. Due to changes in the lifestyle of…

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How To Make Up For Calcium

How to make up for calcium

According to the World Health Organization on the prevalence of osteoporosis in fourth place after diabetes, atherosclerosis and cancer among non-communicable diseases. One of the main functions of the bone tissue - calcium redundancy for the organism. However, after 40 years imbalance occurs - bone loss ahead of its growth. Organism "washes out" calcium from…

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How To Achieve Relaxation Of The Neck Muscles

How to achieve relaxation of the neck muscles

Overvoltage neck muscle is the result of an incorrect position of the body at a long sedentary work, walking, as well as the inability of some people to fully relax the muscles of these species. As a result, the neck ligaments and tissues feel additional stress, which often leads to negative consequences for…

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How To Treat Pimples White

How to treat pimples white

Whiteheads (Corn Bunting, whitehead) often appear around the eyes and in the cheeks as a result of blockage of the sebaceous glands. They look like white bumps the size of 1-2 mm. It feels tight and painless whitehead. Get rid of them you can with the help of strong peeling, mechanical cleaning, electricity or lazerokoagulyatsii.


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How To Get Rid Of The Scars On His Back

How to get rid of the scars on his back

From a rash on the skin of the back in the form of acne it is not perfect. In its first manifestation should take action immediately. The more you tighten with treatment, the harder it is to get rid of the rash.

Instruction how to get rid of the scars on…

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How To Get Rid Of The Withers

How to get rid of the withers

Withers, widow's hump, wen - all names for the same problem, which is the deposition of fat, compacted connective tissue in the area of ​​the 7th cervical vertebra. Most often, this attack aims at women aged 40 years and older. Not only that withers just not aesthetically pleasing, it is fraught with more serious…

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How To Get Rid Of Sinusitis

How to get rid of sinusitis

Sinusitis called inflammation of the maxillary sinus, which occurs as a result of complications of acute fever, scarlet fever, influenza, measles and other infectious diseases. It is also a common cause of sinusitis is an inflammation of the posterior roots of the four upper teeth. It is characterized by a sense of disease pressure and…

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How To Treat Back Pain And Rheumatism

How to treat back pain and rheumatism

As a result, constant load on the spine often have backache, sciatica, rheumatism, as well as diseases of bones and joints. The main causes of these diseases are the lack of movement, chaotic food and bad posture.

Instruction how to treat back pain and rheumatism

Step 1:

To avoid these ailments, you must constantly strengthen…

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How To Treat Secondary Amenorrhea

How to treat secondary amenorrhea

Secondary amenorrhea is called the absence of menstruation for 3 months or more. This condition occurs after an illness, stress, against the background of hormonal disorders, etc.

Instruction how to treat secondary amenorrhea

Step 1:

Treatment of secondary amenorrhea depends on the cause. It is not a disease but a symptom. During pregnancy and after childbirth is…

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How To Cure Stuffy Ears

How to cure stuffy ears

Many doctors rightly believe that people hardest moves tooth and ear pain. Indeed, these problems negatively affect the general well-being. Most often, patients complain of stuffiness in the ears.

You will need:

- hydrogen peroxide - almond oil

Instruction how to cure stuffy ears

Step 1:

To cure stuffy ears, consult a physician. The reasons for laying may…

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How To Make An Operation

How to make an operation

The upcoming surgery - stress for anyone. In addition to the natural anxiety about the outcome of the operation, faced with a mass of organizational issues: record, reference collection, analysis, etc. In this situation, you need to act calmly and consistently.

You will need:

Passport. Polis melitsinskogo insurance. Extract from the patient card (form 027 / y).…

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As Administered Subcutaneously

As administered subcutaneously

The medicine introduced subcutaneously, gives immediate effect, such as intravenous injection. However, injection does have an advantage over the tablet. Medical drug introduced so quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and therefore in some diseases without this procedure simply can not do.

You will need:

- drug or vaccine; - Syringe; - Rubbing alcohol; - Wool.

Instruction how to enter…

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How To Measure Eye Pressure

How to measure eye pressure

In the eyeball and eye pressure can be determined a number of diseases that can occur in a human lifetime. For example, increased intracranial pressure, approaching blindness, glaucoma development. And to be able to seize the time to catch the disease, we must be able to measure eye pressure.

Instruction how to measure eye pressure

Step 1:…

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How To Cure Trichomoniasis

How to cure trichomoniasis

It is known that trichomoniasis is transmitted mainly through sexual contact, so it is treated it is necessary to hold for both partners. In order to prevent re-infection, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of conduct.

Instruction how to cure trichomoniasis

Step 1:

To be treated it is necessary not only sick, but also carriers of…

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How To Cure Stuttering

How to cure stuttering

Stuttering occurs in humans due to many reasons. It may be a genetic predisposition, and birth injuries, and the effects of stress, and even retraining child left-handed to right-handed use. But whatever the nature of the speech disruptions, in most cases they can not correct. To do this, use different methods of treatment.

You will need:

- anise…

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