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As for the phone to determine the city

When you record in full format wired phone number carries information about its location. For it is in the so-called city code consisting of several digits, and is located at the beginning of number.

As for the phone to determine the city

Instruction on the phone to determine the city

Step 1:

Note that it is impossible to determine the city on a cell phone number. At best, one can only know the name of the operator and the region in which the registered SIM-card.

Step 2:

Since both the codes and intercity telephone numbers are of variable length (the first - three to five digits, and the second - depending on the city, from five to seven), separated from the intra-code number is sometimes difficult. Therefore, the city phone numbers, as opposed to the cell, usually written by placing code in brackets, or separating it from the rooms are not dashes and spaces. These numbers, and use the city to search for the code.

Step 3:

Go to the page on which the link is listed below. Find the drop-down list, which by default is set to "the city". Select it to "the code".

Step 4:

In the input box located to the left of the drop-down list, enter the code. Click "Find." Shortly after this page will restart, and you will see a table with three columns: "City", "Field" and "code". The city's name read in the first column. Please note that some cities have not one, but two codes.

Step 5:

If in addition to the city need to know the cost of a call to the number you want, call support mobile or wireless service provider whose services you use. Follow the prompts answerphone, achieve connection with the consultant, and then tell him that you are going to call on a landline telephone located in the results you before the city code. If necessary, also tell me by what tariff plan you are served. Soon, the counselor information about price minute call and report it to you.

Step 6:

Dialing is controlled so: from a landline - please dial 8, wait for the tone, and then dial the code and number and a cell - type 8 or 7, code and number, and then press the Call button. To set plus press and hold for a long time with an asterisk or zero, depending on the model.