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As in the song leave only a voice

Just as engineers are in no hurry to reveal the secrets of their developments, musicians rarely shared with the public something other than songs. But sometimes it is not needed final material and the source - for example, the vocal part of some compositions.

As in the song leave only a voice

You will need:

-Adobe Audition 3.0

Instruction in the song leave only a voice

Step 1:

Install Adobe Audition 3.0 software. You will also need a VST plugin Center Channel Extractor - you can download it on sites devoted to editing sound.

Step 2:

Make a copy of the song from which you want to remove vocals. Preferably, if the composition will be recorded in high quality with minimal compression format. Open it with Audition.

Step 3:

Open Effect -gt menu; Stereo Image -gt; Center Channel Extractor. A window will appear with a dozen sliders to edit the plugin. Any song has a unique set of frequencies outside it, and therefore the universal values ​​for each parameter did not exist. To achieve the best quality of cut acapellas only tried several settings options.

Step 4:

In paragraph Extract Audio From specify the time domain in which the vocals. "Left" is part of the beginning, "right", respectively, the middle. If you need a particular fragment, then select option "selectively" and set the edit area.

Step 5:

Describe voice in the Frequency Range section. The human voice can only be heard in a range of frequencies that you and you need to determine. User options include Male Voice, Female Voice, Bass, and Full Spectrum, appropriate for men, women and bass, respectively. If multiple vocalists, it is preferable to select the last point, cut out all the available human ligaments frequency. However, this setting is "rough" and reduces the final quality.

Step 6:

Center Channel Level, move to the right side panel.

Step 7:

Volume Boost Mode (volume up) use at their discretion.

Step 8:

In Descrimination Settings subparagraph is setup package for editing sound. Crossover sets the level of the music (move to 0-7%); Phase Discrimination takes medium and high values; with Amplitude Discrimination \ Bandwidth will have to experiment in each case. Spectral Decay Rate is integrating and smoothing parameter, its value range from 80 to 100%. FFT Size, select the range of 4096 - 10240; Overlays - 3-9; Interval Size - 10-50 ms; Window Width - 30-100%.

Step 9:

After changing the settings, click "Edit" and save the mix from which the only voice left. If the quality is poor vocals - change the settings in the specified range.