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As pedal car

To control the car, not enough to turn the steering wheel. You need to know how and at what point, press the pedal or another, especially when it comes to a car with a manual transmission.

As pedal car

Instruction as a pedal car

Step 1:

Pay attention to the brake pedal. In fact, this is the main pedal car. Of course, the other pedal is also very important for a comfortable and smooth motion, but it was the brake pedal is the last line between your vehicle and the traffic accident.

Step 2:

Teach yourself to receive the pulse braking. It is as follows. Put your left foot on the brake pedal and smooth, back-and-forth motions is very easy to press, then release the pedal. Each subsequent movement should be a bit longer and stronger than the previous. Naturally, to use this method, you need to plan your stops in advance.

Step 3:

Press the brake pedal, without using the clutch pedal. Press the pedal on the machine should be separately. In this case, a single press of the brake pedal will prevent the brakes from overheating and wear, make a stop smoother.

Step 4:

Never stop to follow the movement. If the stream of cars on the road quite busy, do not forget to include a few seconds the alarm before pressing the brake pedal. It is necessary to warn drivers behind riding on your stop. They are, respectively, will also begin to slow down, which will protect you from possible accident.

Step 5:

Use the brake pedal to overcome obstacles such as rails or a "speed bump". This will prevent the suspension and the car rack from damage and premature wear. The method is as follows. Press the brake pedal, and just before heading sharply its release. In this case, the front wheels of the car will rise a little above the ground. To enhance this effect, at the same time as you release the brake pedal, press the gas pedal. Then the car just jump low barrier that will reduce undesirable effects of the impact to a minimum.