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How do I change the menu on the phone

Mobile phone in the middle is your master five - six years. It does not apply to pathological rasteryasha and people with large incomes. The latter provision requires the use of new models of phones. Therefore, most people their home cellular phones during use pretty bored. The entire interface is studied from "A" to "Z", and the appearance of the menu is nothing but boredom. But you can fix it. You just have to change the phone's menu. This is the best way to update the old thing.

How do I change the menu on the phone

You will need:

Mobile phone instructions to him online.

Instruction how to change the menu in the phone

Step 1:

Pick up the phone. If you save this manual, it is best to read it. You can also find and read the instructions on the Internet. If you do not find anywhere the user manual (which is unlikely), then you have to do everything manually.

Step 2:

First, open your phone's menu. Locate the item "Settings" (perhaps it will be called the "Options") and select it. Then go to the item "Display". Locate the line "menu, type" and choose your favorite look.

How do I change the menu on the phone

Step 3:

However, this method of changing the menu is available in every phone. If you want your menu look like something else, but your device does not allow to change it as described above, then do not despair. Options still there. Again, go to "Settings" phone. "Themes" Find menu. Alternately set the theme up until you find the one which you like. If you are not satisfied with any one theme available on your phone, you can install other downloaded from the Internet.

Step 4:

To download a theme from the network, type in a search engine "Topic (your phone model)." Select the appropriate site, you find your favorite topic. Download the file that you will be offered. Move it to your phone and press "Install Theme". That's all, the theme installed on your mobile device.

How do I change the menu on the phone