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How do I change the phone ring

Have you recently purchased a mobile phone and have already convinced of its possibilities, with instruction or randomly examined almost all the buttons. It's time to choose a nice sound for the call, which is not irritated and pleased the phone owner. But even the most favorite tune can quickly get bored.

How do I change the phone ring

Instruction how to change the phone ring

Step 1:

To change the ring tone on a phone call, the list of "native" melodies that at the time of purchase of mobile has been in it. To do this, use the menu. Locate the folder that stores audio and video files, photographs and other images, you may play for display, etc. Topics Depending on your phone model, the folder can be called by different names, such as "Media" or "File Manager". Click "Select" or OK. Open the folder containing the audio file and listen to the contents by pressing the "Play".

Step 2:

Like the tune set by pressing the "Options". Use the melody as a call signal to the incoming, as an alarm signal, or a new message, and can put the call specific subscriber - you decide. Adjust the ring volume, vibrate, or put all mute can be in the "Settings" folder in the general menu.

Step 3:

To change the ring tone on the other ringtone, download it to your computer. To transfer audio file in mobile use a cord with the USB-output. As a rule, the latter is sold with the phone. The computer detects the new device - flash cards (it is called the phone manufacturer), and you will copy the necessary files from the computer to the USB flash drive into the folder "Sounds" ( "Audio" etc.) Then you set your favorite ringtone for the call by following the previous steps.

Step 4:

New sounds can be on the phone and even through Bluetooth, infrared port (for transferring files from one phone to another), a recording or any other method depending on the capabilities of your phone, as well as the presence in it of access to the Internet. Some of these functions may be set in a fast (the up, down, left, right) as respective icons. Learn that "knows" how your phone from the instructions attached to it.